Data Managment

6 Ways for Small Businesses to Streamline Their Operations

With so many moving parts to coordinate and finite resources and time, running a business can be quite exhausting and chaotic at times. Most, if not all, business owners understand that efficiency and effectiveness are the cornerstones of running a streamlined operation. However, given the complexity of running a company successfully, what tools and tactics should small … [Read more...]

7 Best Ways to Collect Customer Data

In saying that knowledge is power, you recognize that you cannot possibly run or even begin building a business in any given industry without some essential knowledge. Now more than ever, all business sectors require brands to keep learning as they move forward, as customers are constantly on the lookout for better, more knowledgeable brands. That means that you need to be … [Read more...]

Small Business Cybersecurity: 6 Tips for Keeping Data Secure

If you take a look at hacking incidents covered in the news over the last year or two, you’ll notice that every organization targeted seemed to be large with a balance sheet in the billions of dollars. It’s only logical, therefore, for one to assume that hackers are solely concerned with breaking into the systems of big businesses. Yet, news coverage is a significant distortion … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Distributed File Sharing Solutions for Your Business

This year gave a new boost to the remote workspace trend. While it was the only solution to keep businesses running, business leaders had to adapt to the new conditions and build the remote environment. Despite initially being an emergency measure, it will have a long-term impact and post COVID-19 telecommuting will stay in demand. Shifting to working from home calls for … [Read more...]

Does Your London Business Need Cloud Storage or Online Back-Up?

It's the digital age, so businesses must have somewhere online where they can safely store their most crucial information away from any in-house computer hard drives or servers. While both cloud storage and online back-up options are popular IT solutions in London, the two have some differences to set them apart. If your business is in the process of determining which one … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Effective Data Classification

Digitalization and cloud storage have given businesses the opportunity to easily store vast amounts of data. However, some businesses fall into the trap of hoarding too much data, and if it’s not properly organized, it can be easy to lose the important stuff in a sea of redundant information. Furthermore, the majority of business data is highly sensitive and should be … [Read more...]

5 Ways Businesses are Securing Cloud Data Against Cyber Stings

On May 20, 2019, 50 million records from the AWS database of Instagram were exposed to threat. The database contained private information, such as phone numbers and email addresses of both ordinary people and high-profile celebrities. This followed a similar incident in 2017, when data from almost 6 million accounts was withdrawn and sold for Bitcoin. In fact, several cloud … [Read more...]

Endpoint Security Management Solution To Improve Efficiency

Businesses now need to integrate technology into the work that they do. Customers expect to be able to connect with brands and companies through technology. Stores that don’t often upgrade their technology tend to run into problems more often. Telling a customer that you can’t service them, well, because of tech issues, is never ideal. This can affect a business … [Read more...]

Why Companies Are in Need of Data Lineage Solutions

Successful companies always analyze data in order to create strategies that will help them achieve their business goals. However, do you actually understand your data? And what is data lineage? Why do you need data lineage solutions? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this article. What Is Data Lineage? Data lineage is the lifecycle of data. Much like … [Read more...]

Here’s How to Handle 5 Business Operations That Are Utter Time-Stealers

Here’s one thing that everyone across the board needs to understand from day one - absolutely no business on the face of this Earth is 100% productive throughout the day every single day. That is, quite frankly, a ridiculous level of optimism to have. Having said that, there is also the fact that time and money are two of the most important aspects that no one likes to waste. … [Read more...]