Moving A Business

Moving Your Belongings Abroad? Here Is What You Need To Know

Are you planning a move to a different country? Perhaps you decided to relocate to Dubai? We recognize that relocating to another country comes with its own set of challenges and tasks, ranging from learning new languages to obtaining visas. Today, we want to talk about one essential item on your to-do list: figuring out how to relocate your belongings to a new country. It is … [Read more...]

4 Qualities That Make Kansas City a Great Place to Start a Business

When it comes to starting a business, location is often a key consideration. Starting a snow removal service in Buffalo is probably a no-brainer, and if you want to be the next big thing in entertainment you might consider starting a production company in Atlanta. But some cities are great places to start a business because they’re great places to do business–and live. Kansas … [Read more...]

Compelling Reasons to Start a Business in Texas

Texas is a vast, historic state which offers ample opportunities for organizations of all sizes to set up shop and potentially prosper. If you are looking to build a business but you are on the fence about choosing Texas for your headquarters, here are a few of the main reasons you might want to make it your home. The Real Estate Market Is Competitive One of the biggest … [Read more...]

When Moving Your Home Means Moving Your One-Person Business

Since starting my journey as a solopreneur, I’ve moved nine times. Seven of those moves have involved traveling at least 1,200 miles to get to my new home. One thing I’ve learned along the way is to never throw away a good box. Having a staple of sturdy packing materials on hand provides a sense of peace that I won’t be scrambling when the next move comes. These transitions … [Read more...]

Tips and Tricks for When Your Business Is Relocating

Moving is never fun, but moving a business can be downright distressing. Depending on how big your facility is and how many employees you have, you may need to discuss prorating your rent to move departments over in chunks instead of moving the whole business over in lump action. Schedule During Downtime Do your very best to schedule moves during downtime. If you have one … [Read more...]

How to Enter the Chinese Market

Many companies are taking their successful business models overseas, and one of the leading destinations is China. The 1.4 billion consumer market has attracted many investors and international companies worldwide. Business forays into foreign markets typically require expert knowledge of domestic and foreign market situations on the ground. China's consumer market is as … [Read more...]

The Fundamentals of Starting as a Freelancer in Berlin

Are you considering moving to Berlin and doing business solo? You have come to the right place. Berlin's creative vibes, affordable living, and dynamic ex-pat community are ideal for freelancers, but above all, the city has one of the most diverse freelancer ecosystems globally, allowing you to work across many different industries and fields. However, becoming a freelancer in … [Read more...]

How to Move Your Company Overseas, Physically and Digitally

As your business grows, you may be looking for new opportunities and markets for your business to reach. This is great, as it will bring your company more revenue, but the market that you are a part of now may be limiting you. If you are going to be relocating your business overseas but aren't sure where to start, the following tips should help guide you in the right … [Read more...]

4 Things Small Business Owners Should Know About Relocation

Moving your small business is challenging, regardless of if you are staying in-town or relocating your company to another state. However, with the proper plan in place, you can move without all the hassle or significant setbacks. There are many things you can do to ensure a smooth relocation process and several strategies that help reduce stress on you and your employees. Here … [Read more...]

How Can Bridging Loans Benefit The Growth Of Your Business?

Growing a business can be challenging, particularly if you are looking to move your office or refurbish the office space you currently have. With this in mind, bridging loans and other forms of finance can help to spread the cost of these refurbishments and can be paid back in affordable repayments. In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that bridging loans … [Read more...]