How to Create Classy Business Packaging

For businesses that ship a lot of products by mail, packaging matters. It’s the first thing your customer sees upon a product’s arrival. A simple box isn’t enough. Branded, memorable unboxings are a part of the culture of eCommerce and business shipping. Marketing is built around presentation. Classy business packaging that stands out has to have something unique to it. … [Read more...]

Types of Packaging to Consider for Your Business

We all have picked a product from the store knowing absolutely nothing about it just because the package is cute or attractive to us.  As a business owner in a very competitive market, is important that your products stand out and are easily recognized.  There is no doubt that packaging is one of strongest form of marketing that is quite budget friendly since it kills two birds … [Read more...]

Protect Your Health and Safety with a Timed Temperature Indicator

When you have food, medicine, or products that are likely to spoil at certain temperatures, it's important to know if they're being stored properly or not. We've all heard stories of people getting food poisoning from the potato salad that was left out in the sun too long at the picnic. There are also stories about wine that tastes terrible because it was stored in a hot … [Read more...]

How to Get the Right Molding Company

The use of moldings in architecture has been around for many centuries. To sum it up, these are not modern innovations in architecture. When we look at its roots, we can see that the ancient Greeks are very fond of providing accents to their architecture. Back then, moldings were carved from wood and their sole purpose was beautification. Fast forward to the early parts … [Read more...]

Tin Filling Machines: All You Need to Know

Ever wondered how factories quickly pack food and other essentials in containers? This is all thanks to the power of tin-filling machines. You might be wondering about how they work and the process behind it. Today, we are going to talk just about that. Below, we are going to enlighten you on everything you need to know about tin-filling machines. Without further ado, let’s … [Read more...]

4 Factors to Consider Before Designing Your Product Packaging

When you’re selling a product, your packaging is likely going to be one of the first things that your potential customers will see, and it could very well sway their decision of whether or not to buy it. Creating packaging that stands out from the shelf for all the right reasons is a must, but coming up with an idea that’s going to seriously wow your customers is not always … [Read more...]

The Importance of Packaging in Promoting Your Product

Modern consumers are increasingly time-pressed and as such they tend to make decisions quickly. This means that your packaging must send a clear message with which customers can instantly engage if your product is to have any real chance of commercial success. Here are some points to consider. Packaging Must Immediately Tell the Customer What a Product Is This may appear … [Read more...]