Payment Processing

What Small Business Owners Should Know before Accepting Crypto as a Payment Method

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, and changed the way we think of money. The concept of owning a currency but not being able to withdraw it from an ATM, or to physically touch or feel it, is probably still foreign and inconceivable to most people. However, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and they are gaining massive popularity daily. Central banks are … [Read more...]

How a Small Business Can Accept a Credit Card Payment

Back in the day, you could usually get away with using a single cash register to log and store money for processing payments. Today, things are far more complicated. People tend not to carry cash and prefer using a card or an online service. As a small business, you absolutely need to be able to accept one or both of these types of payments. Without getting too complicated, … [Read more...]

7 Online Payment Options for Your Business

People now live in a wired world where payments are just one click away. When you give customers as many payment choices as possible, you give them more opportunities to make their payments most conveniently. For business owners, this is good news because it makes getting paid a lot easier. It also secures consistent cash flow when payments are made in real-time. That said, … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know about Accepting Payments Globally

If you want to take your business to the next level, you may be starting to think about how you can accept payments globally. This can be a really lucrative business move as you will open yourself up to a whole load of potential customers; however, it’s not as easy as simply offering your products to be shipped abroad. One of the most difficult things, logistically, that you … [Read more...]

A Guide for Gen Z Businesses: Checks

Bank checks are a tried-and-true method of payment, but you’ve likely never come across one. Whereas bank checks were commonplace as little as 20-years ago, more convenient payment methods have made them virtually obsolete. However, you may need to write or deposit a check if you haven’t set up a direct deposit, so let’s go over the process of doing just that. Order Bank … [Read more...]

How Small Business Owners Can Use Crypto for Payments

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular among small business owners as bitcoin can connect smaller corporations with the global industry and reduce payment fees. Larger companies are starting to invest in the Bitcoin sector and even go as far as to call it the “future of finance.” Using Bitcoin also signals to customers that you are an innovative and … [Read more...]

5 Trends Driving the Future of Payments

Perhaps the forces that have altered the course of 2020 have only expedited the natural progression of payment solutions, but we’ll never be entirely certain. What is certain is the fact that even in the years prior to 2020, more companies have emerged with smarter and exceedingly flexible payment options to help businesses become more appealing, but also to help customers pay … [Read more...]

What Is a B2G Business Model?

B2G stands for “business-to-government,” which means that instead of a company selling goods or services to individual consumers or other businesses, they sell to the government or other public entities. Usually, they have access to restricted areas that anyone outside of the government or military would normally not have, such as when civilian government contractors for Boeing … [Read more...]

The Surprising Fact About Late Payments and What to do About It

Late payments. Companies of all sizes must deal with them. It is very common for customer invoices to be paid 30 to 90 days after the commonly accepted net-30 ─ which can seriously and detrimentally affect a business’ cash flow. The fact is that cash reserves can be quickly drained when payments are late. Making loan payments and meeting payroll still need to happen. Delayed … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Simplify Your Payment Process for Customers

All businesses need to think about how their customers will be impacted by any changes. One important aspect of business and customer interaction is payment processing. You will want to select a payment processing service that will keep your customer’s information confidential and will also allow for various forms of payment, such as checks, credit cards, and cash. While there … [Read more...]