Is PayPal Gearing Up For Bitcoin?

Last week, PayPal announced two new vacancies that set the cryptocurrency world alight with rumors about the finance giant’s plans. These posts appeared in addition to the eight engineering roles already advertised for its Blockchain Research Groups in San Jose and Singapore. Sources quoted in the media say that PayPal is looking to move forward with Bitcoin buying and selling … [Read more...]

5 Free Resources for Solopreneurs Struggling Due to the Coronavirus

Though the coronavirus stimulus package provides monies for small businesses, there is still some confusion about how much help you can receive as a solopreneur, independent contractor, or freelancer. This can make running your one-person business even more stressful because you aren’t quite sure what resources are available. While I certainly don’t have any answers as to … [Read more...]

5 Startup Business Hacks That Won’t Bust Your Budget

...And Might Even Save It! A “hack” is a term that has come to describe a way to make things easier, more efficient, and more effective.  For example, a camping hack would be a tip that would make camping easier, a game hack would make winning a game easier, and a business hack makes running your business easier.  Following are five business hacks that will not only make it … [Read more...]