Robotic Process Automation

What Compels a Business to Invest in Robotic Process Automation?

All credit goes to astounding technological advancements for facilitating the entire world’s evolution at a rapid pace. Business organizations, irrespective of size, scale, and capacity, across industries have been reaping immense advantages leveraging leading-edge technology. Nowadays, business enterprises in almost every sector use advanced, feature-rich, and customized … [Read more...]

Business Process Automation—A Must Have for Every Company

There are many ways of achieving a digital transformation of your company; however, business process automation is currently the most effective way to make it a reality, with many added benefits that any organization striving to grow and to build a competitive edge will learn to appreciate. Companies can automate not only individual operations and elements of a given process, … [Read more...]

5 Ways Robots Are Changing the Delivery Industry

If you are thinking of setting up your very own delivery company, you should know that there are a myriad of new innovations in the delivery industry. One of the biggest innovations being the usage of robotics in the production lines. Back in the day, delivery companies had to hire a small army of workers to fulfill various functions. Nowadays though, a large number of these … [Read more...]

How Robotic Machine Tending Could Take Your Business to the Next Level

Machine tending is one of the most successful collaborative robot applications today. This is because it is a process that involves loading and/or unloading various machines. In most industries, machine tending is mostly carried out by humans, especially in modern machine shops that tend to use CNC machines (such as milling machines and lathes). Such machines normally require … [Read more...]

Robotic Applications Every Food Packager Should Know About

Packaging is among the most common applications of industrial robots in food manufacturing. This is because in the packaging stage, the nature of the products is uniform so the process of automating the task is simpler. Tasks in the earlier stages, such as the actual food manufacturing process, are more difficult to automate using robots. In this article, we will introduce … [Read more...]

The Future of Work: An Infographic

With technology becoming more intelligent and advanced than ever before, workforces are constantly evolving and becoming more reliant on various software. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) now has the potential to adapt to offices across the globe and is quickly becoming more recognized. Software robots can handle tasks that are usually performed by normal office workers – … [Read more...]