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How Robotic Machine Tending Could Take Your Business to the Next Level

How Robotic Machine Tending Could Take Your Business to the Next Level

Machine tending is one of the most successful collaborative robot applications today. This is because it is a process that involves loading and/or unloading various machines. In most industries, machine tending is mostly carried out by humans, especially in modern machine shops that tend to use CNC machines (such as milling machines and lathes). Such machines normally require workers to put in raw materials (also known as raw or blank parts) in the machine, and once the machine finishes its work, the parts are removed.

Automated Machine Tending

However, most industries have already moved on from the traditional ways of machine tending and have embraced the new way that involves robotic machine tending. Robotic arms have made it easier when it comes to maximizing the efficiency of CNC or injection molding machines by optimizing production and improving performance.

There are many other reasons why modern industries should look into switching to robotic machine tending due to the efficiency, and reliability that comes with them. Keep reading to find out why robotic tending is the way to go for any modern industry out there.

Reduced Risks

Besides improving the process quality and speed of production, robotic tending can also reduce the risk of injuries that come with working close to heavy machinery. In situations where the machine tending robot comes into contact with humans, there is a patented technology that limits the risks posed to humans by the robot. It is also possible to program the UR robots in a way that their speeds are reduced whenever a person enters its work area. Once the person leaves, the machine will automatically resume its full speed.

Value Addition

Collaborative robots are reliable when it comes to value addition to your business. You can rest assured that the robotic arm will pay for itself sooner than any other robot in the industry might. In cases where you want to introduce new products to your line of existing products, you can count on the Universal Robot’s flexible and fast deployment to help you.

If you are a small business that is aiming to optimize its productions, then you should consider incorporating Universal Robots as part of your operations. The robot is also capable of changing according to your workflow changes, and you can easily and quickly deploy it in your new systems of production due to its smaller size and light design.

Lower Your Operation Costs

Robotic machine tending comes with all benefits that are associated with advanced robotic automation. The best thing is that it does not come with any additional costs that are normally associated with the programming of robots and their set up. The approximated payback period is 195 days, which is considered the fastest in the robot industry.

Used in a Wide Range of Applications

Robotic machine tending can be used in various applications of polymer and plastic productions that include injection molding applications. The robots come with an Injection Molding Machine Interface option coupled with a box connector module and a cable for connecting to the injection molding machine. It also has programming templates that are user-friendly to enable easier and faster deployment.


Machine tending robots have brought about a lot of efficiency to tasks in various industries. Therefore, if you are looking to automate most areas of your business in a bid to reduce operation costs and improve efficiency, then you should consider incorporating robotic machine tending into your operations.

This will ensure that your business grows at the pace you need it to, and it will also help you gain an advantage over your competitors in terms of reliability. Another benefit of incorporating robotic machine tending to your business is that you will be able to gain access to a variety of comprehensive support services with both global and local support at your disposal.

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