Search Engine Optimization

5 Ways to Optimize Your Website and Increase Traffic

As a business, you may want a website you can direct your customers to so you can get more sales. After all, more traffic means more customers, so here are five ways you can better optimize your website. Improve the SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) means your website puts emphasis on using certain keywords to appear in more search engine results. For example, if you want … [Read more...]

SEO for Small Businesses: The Answers You Are Looking For

Are you a small business owner and want to understand what SEO is and how it works? Then you'll want to read a beginner's guide that answers all your questions. Running a small business is difficult. Many firms fail in the first year, and even fewer survive the next five years. Even businesses that stay afloat can go bust if they fail to adapt to changing market conditions. … [Read more...]