Small Business Management

Law Firm Management 101: The Essentials

Managing a law firm, like managing any business, is no easy feat. Considering the competition in the marketplace for legal services, there are certain elements that should be prioritized. Embrace Technology For a law firm to be competitive and to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to its clients, one of the most important things to do is use technology. For instance, … [Read more...]

How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying: Tips I Wish Others Had Told Me

There is nothing like starting a successful business. You have complete control over focus, process, time, initiatives, and direction. The problem is, now you have complete and independent control over focus, process, time, initiatives, and direction! I got what I hoped for, and it’s completely exhausting. It is a fantastic position to be in and I wouldn’t trade it for … [Read more...]

Engaged Leaders: Radio Interview with Steven Goldstein

Steven Goldstein, author, speaker, and business consultant, is the guest on this episode of Monday Morning Radio with Dean Rotbart. Goldstein is a management engagement expert who helps companies, large and small, improve the ways their leaders engage with employees and customers. Goldstein has developed what he calls his “5 Principles of Engagement.” Utilizing these … [Read more...]

5 Questions With Sabrina Conway, Owner of Lil’ Chit-Chat Speech & Language Therapy

Sabrina Conway is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist in Southern California. Recently, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of opening up a private practice to serve children with speech-related needs. Lil' Chit-Chat is a boutique clinic, which allows her and her staff of therapists to tailor their therapy programs to the specific needs of each child. What are the primary … [Read more...]

Managing Millennials: An Interview with Joanie Connell

In this episode of Monday Morning Radio, host Dean Rotbart talks with Dr. Joanie Connell, President and CEO of Flexible Work Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, as well as in preparing youth for work and life. In this interview, she focuses on Millennials entering the work force and the challenges they are facing, and the challenges their … [Read more...]

Balancing Business with Compassion: 5 Questions with Dr. Steve Laverson, Cosmetic Surgeon at Feel Beautiful

Dr. Steve Laverson, a San Diego-based plastic surgeon, talks about what differentiates a good plastic surgeon and what he's learned about business in his more than two decades of running a successful medical practice. What are the primary service(s) or product(s) that your business provides? We help people like their reflection in mirrors, which promotes their confidence in … [Read more...]

Interview with Mike Agugliano, the Ninja Business Warrior

Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart interviews Mike Agugliano, Founder of ServiceKey, a company that teaches business owners in the home service industry how to be more successful. ServiceKey offers coaching, mentoring and workshops in the areas of marketing, sales, communication, management and other core business skills. Mike says, in this interview, that many home … [Read more...]