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Dr. William Albright, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon, Shares his Experience at Alamo Plastic Surgery

Dr. William Albright, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon, Shares his Experience at Alamo Plastic Surgery

Are you currently considering plastic surgery?  Dr. Albright recently moved back to his hometown of San Antonio to establish his own practice, Alamo Plastic Surgery.  He shares some insights about building a practice during this challenging time.  With over 200 five-star reviews, his plastic surgery practice is growing quickly in the San Antonio / South Texas area.

What Is Your Specialty?

My specialty is breast and body cosmetic surgery.  After a six-year integrated plastic surgery residency, cosmetic surgery training in Brazil, three years operating a cosmetic practice for University of Iowa, and two years owning my own practice in San Antonio, I am focused on helping patients achieve their personal, often life-changing, goals.

Why Did You Choose Plastic Surgery as a Profession?

I grew up working with my father at his oral surgery practice.  From him, I developed a strong surgical foundation which served me well through medical school and a prestigious integrated plastic surgery residency.  When I discovered the complexity and esthetic challenges of plastic surgery, it was a natural fit.  As a side note, my brother is a plastic surgeon in Houston, so our family holidays are filled with discussions of the latest technologies and surgical techniques.

What Is Your Main Concern from Owning a Business at This Time?

The buzz word I continue to hear is “pivot.”  During this last year, we have quickly implemented changes to meet and exceed the new CDC guidelines.  Patient health and safety have always been our utmost priority, and we continue, at all times, to put our patients first.

What Is the One Thing You Wish More People Knew about Your Medical Specialty?

When contemplating a major surgery, make sure your plastic surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, has earned great reviews from satisfied patients, and highly prioritizes the health and safety of patients and staff.  Ensure access to your surgeon after surgery in case of complications.  This is a major reason why Dr. Albright discourages patients from traveling great distances for surgery.  Follow ups may be difficult and results may be compromised.

Where’s the Best Place for People to Learn More about Your Practice?

You can find out more and contact us through our website:

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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