Value Proposition

Brand Clarity Expert Shares Branding Mistakes and Offers Tips for Building a Stronger Brand as a Solopreneur

If you’ve followed The Successful Solopreneur column for any length of time, you know I love a good business book. Who needs crime or romance when you can read about how to grow your business or learn effective ways to differentiate yourself from others in the market? I’d rather take the latter any day. Well, one of my latest reads is Personal Brand Clarity: Identify, … [Read more...]

How to Create a Sustainable Business Model

Workplace conflicts, reduced employee productivity, low company morale, and a decrease in profits all have one thing in common: they are signs of a failing business model. According to Forbes, the inability to nail a profitable business model is one of the top causes of business failure. Thankfully, there are ways to help you reset and get back on track, and this article is … [Read more...]