Workplace Injury

The Commonplace Mishaps at Construction Sites – Getting Help If You Get Hurt

Getting injured at a construction site can be a painful and life-altering occurrence, and even with the necessary precautions that are required by law, it is probable that you may come across an accident. Not only can it be an emotional and psychological strain, but it may also result in extreme financial constraints for the injured person. You see, with most accidents, you … [Read more...]

The Most Common Workplace Injuries and How to Avoid Them

There is never a good time to sustain an injury and getting injured at work is something we all want to avoid at all costs. There are many different types of injuries than can happen in the workplace, from simple trips that lead to a minor injury to more serious incidents which put people out of action for a long time. Let's take a look at the most common injuries that occur in … [Read more...]

5 Effective Tips to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

It should go without saying that injury prevention in the workplace needs to be at the top of your list of priorities, and for a number of key reasons. Not only does injury prevention eliminate legal liabilities that can ruin your brand’s reputation, it also eliminates the subsequent medical and legal bills that your company will have to pay. But that’s just the tip of the … [Read more...]

Benefits of Training Your Employees to Operate Large Manufacturing Equipment

Working in a manufacturing company is a dream for many people out there who are seeking for job opportunities so that they can earn income to pay their bills and meet other life goals. However, working in these types of organizations is not an easy task, as there is a possibility of one being injured by the large and heavy machinery used in the manufacturing process. Some of … [Read more...]

Handling Workplace Injuries: Employer and Employees’ Responsibilities

Having an employee get injured at work is no laughing matter. Whatever the severity of the injury in question, it can and will throw a substantial monkey wrench in both the employee’s and employer’s lives. Apart from the obvious medical issues, the amount of paperwork that can come about from these incidents can be daunting. It is imperative that, despite any inconvenience to … [Read more...]

Office Ergonomics: Is Your Current Setup Helping or Hurting Your Health?

According to the United States Department of Labor, “Work related MSDs [musculoskeletal disorders] (including those of the neck, upper extremities and low back) are one of the leading causes of lost workday injury and illness.” Furthermore, no one is exempt from enduring these types of injuries, not even if you work behind a desk. Even though you might not be engaged in a … [Read more...]