Workplace Safety

Practical Ways to Encourage Social Distancing in Your Small Business

Depending on where you’re located in the U.S. and what your business is, you may have been open for months, or you might just now be reopening. Regardless, social distancing remains important, and it’s likely something we’ll have to implement for the foreseeable future. From window clings and floor decals for social distancing to posted signs with your guidelines, there … [Read more...]

Working Away or Alone? 4 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

Regardless of the industry you work in, it is you and your employer's responsibility to make sure that you remain safe at work. It is probably even more important if you are a lone worker or work away because you may be exposed to even more personal safety risks. Here are four tips to keep safe if you are working away or alone. Personal Safety Devices Personal alarms are … [Read more...]

Solutions to Enhance Health and Safety Within Your Business

Due to the nature of certain jobs, there are some industries where workers are more likely to experience injuries. Construction, for instance, sees employees having to carry heavy loads and move around at great heights. In fact, falls from a height accounted for 49% of incidents resulting in employee injury in the construction industry in the last six years. But whether or … [Read more...]

Keeping Customers Safe as The World Opens Up Again – A Business Owners Guide

Are you already counting the cost of COVID-19? The last few months have seen large and small businesses up and down across the country, struggling to keep their heads above the fiscal water. The fact that years of hard work, success, and earnings have been wiped away within just a few short months of lockdown and trade restrictions, is something no business owner wants to go … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Potential Injuries While Working from Home

Since the world went into lockdown in March, many of us have been working from home. In fact, according to research by, 60% of the UK’s adults were working from home within a month of the Coronavirus lockdown being announced. With so many of us having to rapidly adapt to this new way of working, there has been something of an adjustment period. And while rapidly … [Read more...]

COVID-19 Workplace Safety: Tips for the Employers with Essential Employees

The impact of the novel Coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, is global and the ongoing lockdown process is making life difficult for everyone, but mainly the working world. However, many states have adopted the concept of a "new normal" and have tried their best to just go with the flow. Now, with companies opening with employees back to running essential operation there are new … [Read more...]

5 Effective Tips to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

It should go without saying that injury prevention in the workplace needs to be at the top of your list of priorities, and for a number of key reasons. Not only does injury prevention eliminate legal liabilities that can ruin your brand’s reputation, it also eliminates the subsequent medical and legal bills that your company will have to pay. But that’s just the tip of the … [Read more...]

Personal Protective Equipment Every Factory Owner Should Invest In

Health and safety standards in modern US factories and mines have made exceptional progress, especially compared to how reckless, dangerous, and even deadly working conditions once were inside manufacturing units and mines. This much-needed change was, however, a gradual process, fueled by scientific discoveries, mass awareness, and strict legal requirements put into place … [Read more...]

3 Common Arc Flash Hazards and Their Causes

One of the many hazards electricians face on a daily basis is an arc flash. An arc flash occurs when an undesired electrical arc travels through the air or from a conductor to the ground, causing an immediate explosion. The blast’s temperature can reach up to 35,000°F, which is hot enough to vaporize metal, rupture eardrums, and cause severe injuries and fatal burns in just … [Read more...]