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Workplace Safety – Six Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe

Workplace Safety – Six Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe

When it comes to safety in the workplace, most employers think they’ve got in all under control. A few fire safety posters, a first aid station, a couple of safety procedures, and the right equipment is all it takes, right? Wrong!

While all these things are crucial elements of employee safety and ensuring a safe working environment, there’s a lot more to employee safety then you might think. Signage is an important factor – check out for the very latest in health and safety signage – as are evacuation points and risk assessment, but do your employees really know what to do in an emergency situation? What if there’s a fire? Or a crime taking place? There are many different aspects and scenarios to consider when it comes to safety in the workplace.

Read on for six ways to keep your employees safe.

Regular Fire Drills

When employees are going about their daily tasks and responsibilities, the last thing they want is to have their productivity interrupted by a fire drill. They’re annoying and time-consuming, especially when you have time sensitive goals to reach or a customer-facing role. However, despite the grievances you may receive from disgruntled employees, fire drills play an integral part in their safety. The whole point of a fire drill is to ensure that everyone gets out of the building safely and with as few injuries as possible. Designate fire marshals to be in charge in the case of any catastrophes and ensure that everyone knows where the exits are and their nearest evacuation point.

Self-Defense Classes

An ordinary day can change very quickly, and if your employees are in a customer-facing role, then they need to be prepared for anything. Consider bringing in a self-defence instructor to teach your employees everything they need to know about defending themselves in a dangerous situation. This kind of knowledge will also be applicable in their lives outside of work too, making it a worthy investment.

Train, Train and Train Some More

You know what they say – don’t practice until you get it right; practice until you can’t get it wrong. Ensuring that all your staff are up to date with the latest safety training in their role is a simple step any employer can take to keep your employees safer. The more training they have, the more likely they are to take the steps needed to avoid an accident or injury in the workplace.

Encourage Breaks

It may sound counterproductive but ensuring that your staff have regular breaks and remain alert at their stations could save you more money in the long run. When staff are tired, they become complacent, so ensure that any long stints of concentration are met with plenty of breaks to minimize the risk.

Host Regular Safety Meetings

Keeping an open dialogue between yourself, your management team and your employees on the floor ensures that any hazards or dangers are more likely to be brought to your attention.


Strong passwords, a secure internet connection, firewall protection and data protection are imperative in keeping your employees safe from the threats of technology. Cybersecurity and the prevention of a data breach is just as important as the physical side of things. So, ensure that you’re investing in the online safety of your employees too!

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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