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12 Cybersecurity TED Talks for Small Business Owners

12 Cybersecurity TED Talks for Small Business Owners

As a business owner, you have to keep tabs on everything from your employees and your finances to your online presence. But how well do you keep track of your cybersecurity?

If the answer is “not well,” it’s time to rethink your strategy. Why? The amount of cyber threats that can affect a small business is growing daily, and so should your awareness of how to deal with them.

In fact, according to CISCO, 31% of organizations have been victim to a cyber attack. So it goes without saying that cybersecure practices should be built into your company’s daily routine — from using strong passwords to safeguarding your devices.

That being said, we know it can be overwhelming to read pages of information on how to best secure your business. So if you’re an auditory learner, rejoice! Varonis has compiled 12 of their favorite TED talks on cybersecurity.

So Which Talk Do You Start With?

If you first need to understand why cybersecurity is important, we recommend Mikko Hypponen’s TED talk on defending the net. He breaks down the danger of the computer virus and our responsibility to develop solutions for it.

If you’re interested in safeguarding the things your business uses every day — like email and passwords — check out Andy Yen’s talk on the privacy (or lack thereof) of secure email servers. Then head over to Lorrie Faith Cranor’s talk on strong passwords.

After you’ve briefed yourself on why cybersecurity matters, we suggest you move on to James Lyne’s talk on what you can do at work to make yourself less vulnerable to an attack.

Then, once you’ve got the basics down, you can educate yourself on hacking. It’s a vast and complicated topic, but TED talks by Misha Glenny and Keren Elazari help to put it in perspective. You might be surprised at what they have to say about cyber “criminals.”

And these videos are just the tip of the iceberg; there are six more TED talks to check out after that.

Cyberthreats are scary, especially when you’re trying to cultivate a fledgeling business. But as always, education is one of our best weapons, and the more you know about cybersecurity, the more prepared you’ll be to make sure your business is equipped with it.

Check out the graphic below for some of the most interesting talks on the topic, ranging from how we treat hackers to the reality of security today.

12 Cybersecurity TED talks

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