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How Your Industry Impacts How Your Business Should Do Billing

How Your Industry Impacts How Your Business Should Do Billing

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method when it comes to billing type or frequency. This means it is important for you to choose the billing system that works best for your company and your industry as the right methods can keep your company financially healthy. Here are some ways that your industry can impact how your business should do billing.

Annual Billing

If you have an annual billing plan, the customer will pay you in advance for the whole year. Usually, you offer a price reduction with this type of billing, like 10% off when a customer pays for the entire year upfront, but there are some pros and cons when it comes to this method. For instance, you’ll only have to generate one invoice a year for each customer which means you’ll have lower transaction costs. However, you will have to keep in mind that not all of your customers will be able to pay for services on a yearly basis. This type of billing is best for warranties or insurance services since people want the peace of mind of knowing they are covered throughout the entire year.

Monthly Billing

If you invoice customers every month, you can generate recurring invoices every 30 days. This form of billing works well for medical facilities that have regular patients. For instance, if you run a dermatology practice that offers treatments that patients need often, you could benefit from medical billing companies in California or your particular locale that offer invoices for these specific services. A company that understands and specializes in these different types of billing codes will save you time and money.

Monthly billing also works well if you conduct a lot of business to business transactions. This way, you can accept small payments and make bill-paying less expensive for customers. You can also increase interaction with your customers, since you’ll have to reach out to your consumers at least once a month. However, you will have to have an organized system in place to make sure you accurately track payments and follow up with customers concerning missed payments.

Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Billing

If you find that monthly or annual billing doesn’t work for your company, you may want to consider quarterly or bi-monthly billing. This means you’ll send invoices to your customers every two or three months. This system can work well if you have a subscription service and want to give customers options for when they can receive their items. For instance, if you offer a grocery delivery service, you can give customers the option of skipping a month so they can shop at their convenience.

Insurance and utility companies can also use bi-monthly and quarterly billing. According to one study, water company usage increased by as much as 5% using this form of billing. With this method, you won’t have to send as many invoices, but it’s important that you clearly explain the billing schedule to customers to avoid any confusion.

Quarterly billing is also ideal for small companies since it helps you customize the way you do business with your clients. Once you decide which billing schedule is the best fit for your customers, it’s essential to consider a few more factors to personalize your billing structure. You will have to determine your ARR or annual recurring revenue. The lower it is, the more important it is that you bill your clients frequently. This helps with business cash flow and helps increase the value of your product or service.

You should also think about whether you’ll offer pricing mobility. If you have several pricing tiers, you may want to stick with quarterly or monthly billing, or if you have flexible pricing and offer several products, your billing needs could change with time. It’s also important to think about whether your company bills manually or through a billing platform. If you want to bill customers every few weeks, it’s best to have an automated billing system so you can better keep up with invoices and payments. Subscription billing is a great idea if you offer products or services in a bundle as this allows customers to make changes as needed, which can boost your company’s reputation for having stellar customer service.

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