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Media Monitoring and 4 More Things You Need to Be Doing for Your Business Right Now

Media Monitoring and 4 More Things You Need to Be Doing for Your Business Right Now

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate already. From the day to day operations to making sure everyone gets paid, there are a million and one tasks you accomplish in your workday.

Some tasks are essential for the operation of your company. Others you could afford to hand off to someone else, so we’re here to tell you about five things you need to be doing for your business right now.

News and Media Monitoring

Yes, you should be monitoring what’s happening on social media and the news within your industry. Why? Because when something changes, you should know before your clients and customers do. That way, you can stay ahead of the game and adapt when needed.

News and social media monitoring can help give you an edge on your competitors. Not only that, but it can also warn you of anything negative that’s about to explode.

Plan Out Your Schedule

Maybe you already do some planning, but to what extent? Contrary to what it may feel like taking precious time to write out a schedule, to plan out your day will actually help boost your productivity.

Think about how much time you waste deciding on what task to accomplish first. Maybe it’s not that much right then; however, it adds up over time. So, by taking a few minutes each day to plan out what you’ll accomplish, you’re saving yourself some time in the long run.

Have a Recruitment Strategy

Whether you’re hiring right now or don’t plan to until the future, you should have a recruitment strategy ready, as hiring the right candidate is a crucial step in running a business. Start by defining your company culture as that will give you an idea of the type of person you want to recruit. You can then start to plan out other strategies that will help you recruit the best person for the job.

Mastering SEO

If you’re online (which every business should be), then you need to learn about search engine optimization because SEO is what will put your website and social media accounts at the top of a Google search. Otherwise, you’ll fall further down the search list and likely get looked over.

SEO is a tactic that can help draw organic traffic to your website and social media accounts. Although it takes time to learn, it’s a free way to gain attention and traction for your business.

Interact with Your Customers

Every business can benefit from interacting with their clients and customers. To start, as you interact with them, you develop relationships that help build trust. As that trust grows, the customer is more likely to stick with you long-term, even during harsh times.

Interacting with your customers also allows you to find out what they like and don’t like about your business. Whether it’s online surveys or talking to people inside the store, you can gather valuable information from those who buy from you.

Implement the above five points into your business strategy as they will help you take your company to the next level of success.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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