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Transtek Telehealth and RPM 2020: Best Companion Proved

Transtek Telehealth and RPM 2020: Best Companion Proved

In March 2020, along with the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, the repeated recommendation was “stay home, stay safe”. Since isolation was the savior from the pandemic, there was a need for remote health services without face to face contact. This increased the potential of telehealth and telemedicine services.

Telehealth is the digital health care system that uses technologies and virtual channels to bridge the gap between patients and clinicians, enabling them to stay where they are living. This and telemedicine during the critical time of pandemic have enabled patients to get care from home, reducing the risk of virus contraction. These programs not only focused on the treatment of patients but also saved physicians and healthcare workers from the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring)

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) is a subset of telehealth that facilitates healthcare monitoring as well as the timely transfer of patient-generated data from the patient to the care team and feedback to the patient. It can surely ease the burden on both providers and patients.

In RPM, consumer-friendly, advanced tech products are used to monitor the health of patients to enhance the comfort level and engagement of patients in their health issues. These devices constantly provide data on patients’ condition while they are living where they want to live, enabling physicians to monitor their health daily.

Difference Between Telehealth and Rpm

Provided the definitions of telehealth and RPM, the question arises: what is the difference between telehealth and RPM? Telehealth is a broader term and refers to a whole set of different methodologies and technologies aimed at providing care from home. On the other hand, RPM uses specific technology to monitor the health of patients. Simply to say, telehealth is an organization and RPM is a single department of it.

Transtek and RPM Devices

Transtek is a well-known company that manufactures advanced and smart Electronic healthcare technologies and scales. It focuses on integration of technology innovation and healthcare. For this purpose, it designs, manufactures, and provides a variety of top-notch medical and healthcare technology devices worldwide.

Transtek manufactures a variety of RPM devices which include:

•        Blood Pressure Monitors

•        Body Analyzer Scales

RPM Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor is a clinically validated device providing accurate measurements as they relate to blood pressure. Transtek manufactures a variety of blood pressure monitors of varying designs for easy home use and professional use. Display features and components of blood pressure monitors are meticulously taken into account to ensure its user-friendly system and accuracy.

Accurate Professional Blood Pressure Monitor has its device integrated with the patent pump, which is designed for the wrist with a 13mm slim design. The promising features include automatic wrist blood pressure monitoring, USB rechargeability, and a large display screen with backlight, which makes it elderly-friendly.

The Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for quick, simple, and easy use. The features of a XL display with large numbers and large buttons make it friendly for myopic older people. It also keeps a record of 120 readings to let you track and manage your blood pressure.

RPM Body Analyzer Scale

Transtek’s RPM weight management device is an electronic body scale with a maximum measuring capacity of 250 Kg. The seamless enhanced Machine Type Communication (eMTC) synchronization of the body scale enables physicians to keep track of every patient’s data over time. 8mm thick tempered glass gives a slim look and is non-slip. 30% increased platform surface also makes it convenient to use. Another promising feature of body scale is that 4G network technology is embedded in it which enables the connection of scale to RPM platforms.

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