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5 Examples of Workplace Accidents

5 Examples of Workplace Accidents

No one wants to be injured in the workplace, and employers have a legal obligation to ensure the workplace follows all health and safety practices. However, it’s an unfortunate fact that some employers don’t always focus on this as much as they should. Workplace accidents happen often and can be serious. If you have experienced a workplace accident that has resulted in a personal injury and you subsequently need legal funding, find out about personal injury settlement loans by clicking the link. These can help pay for your bills and other outgoings before you receive a settlement. But what is classed as a workplace accident?

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls can easily occur in the workplace if it isn’t tidy or well managed. Offices are full of cables, for example, which can be tripped over if they aren’t properly run and clipped. Alternatively, an office kitchen might have spills which need to be cleaned up immediately. If they are not cleaned up quickly, an employee could slip on the wet surface. Generally, all office spaces should be clean, well-organized, and free of obstacles that can be trip hazards, making it an unsafe work environment.

Hit by Falling Objects

Falling objects aren’t as common in offices, but they may be in construction sites or warehouses. While construction workers are taught about health and safety and must undergo significant training before being allowed to work, they should always wear PPE and be alert. However, employers are responsible for ensuring safety and proper practices on the job. Hazards should be signposted and all employees should be aware of any dangers. Objects shouldn’t fall at random – and if they do, serious injuries could occur.

Cuts and Lacerations

That’s right, cuts and lacerations can occur in a workplace, especially if employees are working with sharp equipment. Office workers can experience cuts when using scissors or paper trimmers, and construction workers can experience them when using power tools. TO avoid these injuries, all workers should have proper training and know how to respond if they get a cut or laceration.

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains can occur in roles that require manual labor and heavy lifting, but these injuries can be avoided by training employees in operating equipment and lifting properly. Muscle strains can also occur if employees don’t get enough breaks or days off, and consequently, people can experience repetitive strain injuries from doing the same motion too often. Employers must ensure that they take these kinds of injuries seriously.

Inhaling Toxic Fumes

Most of us don’t work in environments where we inhale toxic fumes regularly, but those working in chemical labs do. All workers in such environments should have the correct PPE, including goggles to protect their eyes. It is also the responsibility of the employer to ensure that employees know how to behave in an emergency and don’t become exposed without protection.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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