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How to Create the Perfect Logo for Your Mobile Phlebotomy Company

How to Create the Perfect Logo for Your Mobile Phlebotomy Company

So, you’ve come up with a great name for your new mobile phlebotomy company, now it’s time to have a logo created. You’ll notice we said, “have a logo created”, as opposed to “create a logo”. Designing a logo may seem like a simple task. There are an almost unlimited number of fonts available, and unless you want a complicated icon, you can most certainly create a nice one yourself, right? Not necessarily.

Logo design is a very specialized art. It’s not just about creating something that looks good. It’s about conveying a message. Your logo is often one of the first things people will see with regard to your mobile phlebotomy business, and typically, it serves as a jumping off point for all of your other marketing materials. It’s important to get it right.

As you start the process of having a logo designed for your mobile phlebotomy company, here are a few important things to think about.

Who is Your Audience?

Some mobile phlebotomy companies choose to market themselves directly to patients, while others appeal more to companies like elder care facilities or hospice companies. You should have your logo designed with your target audience in mind. If you are more of a business-to-business (B2B) company, your logo needs to be clean and “corporate”, but if you’re a patient-direct company, your logo should be softer and more inviting, but still professional.

Images to Stay Away From

As a phlebotomist, or one who wants to start a mobile phlebotomy company, you are likely comfortable around needles and blood. This isn’t the case for the average person. Some people actually faint at the sight of blood or needles! Resist the urge to use needles or droplets of blood in your logo, which are images that many mobile phlebotomy companies seem to gravitate toward. A logo doesn’t have to be so literal in conveying what your business does. You can have more of an abstract icon designed—something that conveys comfort or convenience, rather than reminding people of what you literally do, which is extract their blood using a sharp object.

Another trend to avoid is the use of “cartoony” logos. Some mobile phlebotomy companies have tried to “soften” their image by turning a droplet of blood into a cutesy cartoon character or by putting wheels on a droplet of blood. These types of juvenile, cartoonish designs only serve to make your company look unprofessional. The only exception to this rule might be if your mobile phlebotomy company works exclusively with children.

If you go to Google and do an image search for mobile phlebotomy logos, mobile phlebotomy branding, or mobile phlebotomy icons, you’ll see that many are quite unprofessional. You would serve your company well by having a logo designed that is more “upmarket”. It will definitely help your company stand out from the crowd!

It’s important to get your logo right as you launch your new business. A great logo will serve your company well for many years, and will keep you from having to do a costly rebrand down the road.

Choosing Colors for your Mobile Phlebotomy Logo

The color red may seem like the obvious choice for a mobile phlebotomy company’s logo, but there is a rainbow of other options available to you. There’s something compelling about a logo that doesn’t go with the obvious—it stands out! If you are really leaning toward using red in your logo, consider an off-shade instead, like maroon or rust.

Logo Mark and Text Usage

Most company logos will consist of a logo mark and some text. The logo mark is the icon, and the text is typically just the name of the company in a complementary font. However, text can also include a company’s tagline. Most professional logo designers will recommend that you not use a tagline in your logo. It just makes things muddy. There are plenty of other ways to use your tagline in marketing. You don’t need it to be an official part of your logo.

You should request that your logo designer make your logo mark and any text separable. By doing so, you can just use one or the other, depending on the application, and you can also make your logo vertical or horizontal.

What to Look for in a Professional Logo Designer

As you look for a graphic designer to create the perfect logo for your company, look for someone with business and marketing experience, as well as design experience. You want someone who will understand how to create a logo that will appeal to your target audience and convey your company’s personality. Don’t just hire someone who is a good artist or who knows his or her way around design software.

In addition, you want to use someone who will provide you with a comprehensive style guide. A style guide will show you how your logo should be used. It will give you color versions and a black-and-white versions of your logo. It will also provide you with several examples of how it can be used (with text and without; a horizontal and a vertical version; and maybe a few more options). To keep the use of your logo consistent, it’s recommended that you and your staff don’t veer from the style guide when using it on forms, marketing materials, vehicle wraps, uniforms, and more.

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