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Why Starting a Mobile Phlebotomy Business Could Be Your Path to Financial Freedom

Why Starting a Mobile Phlebotomy Business Could Be Your Path to Financial Freedom

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of phlebotomy in general is projected to grow 23% in the next decade. And with an aging population of Baby Boomers, mobile phlebotomy services will likely be in more demand than ever in the coming years. If you’ve been considering starting a mobile phlebotomy business, now is a great time to take the plunge!

Why Should you Start a Mobile Phlebotomy Business?

If you’re already a working phlebotomist, you know that the pay is not great. A typical phlebotomist makes between $25,000 and $45,000 per year, and there aren’t many opportunities for advancement. If you open your own mobile phlebotomy business, however, the possibilities are much greater. If you can manage to grow your business to the point where you have other phlebotomists working for you, you could earn a very comfortable salary.

Another reason to start a mobile phlebotomy business is because you may not enjoy working in a medical facility, and prefer to be out and about. A mobile phlebotomy business is the perfect business for someone like you.

Then there’s the issue of being your own boss. As the owner of a mobile phlebotomy company can set your own hours, and choose which types of clients to work with. Some mobile phlebotomists specialize in helping home health patients, while others work exclusively with skilled nursing facilities. Still others work with businesses, such as transportation companies, that regularly need to test their employees for substance abuse. You are in the driver’s seat as the owner of your mobile phlebotomy business. You set the rules and drive the company culture.

Not Just a Phlebotomist, but a Business Owner

Here’s the most important thing you should know before you decide to start a mobile phlebotomy business—you’ll probably spend more time working on business-related tasks than you will actually drawing blood from your patients.

When you work as a phlebotomist for someone else, you basically just have to show up to work and do your thing. Not so as a mobile phlebotomy business owner. You’ll have to deal with things you probably never even had to think about as an employee, such as invoicing, working with insurance companies, marketing your business, ordering supplies, and maintaining equipment. If you have employees, you have to take care of things like hiring and firing, managing employee schedules, and human resources-related tasks. You may find, as your business grows, that eventually you won’t be drawing blood at all anymore.

If you’re unfamiliar with running a business, it would be a good idea to get some general business knowledge before you start. Read a book or take an online course on bookkeeping. Find a company that can help you with branding and marketing for your mobile phlebotomy business. At the very least, your company will need a logo and a website, so you can establish your mobile phlebotomy business as legitimate—even if it’s just a “one man show” in the beginning. You also may want to think about vehicle graphics for your company cars. You’ll also need to get familiar with the local regulations that pertain to mobile phlebotomy companies.

Another important aspect of running this type of business is making connections. Think about other businesses that could benefit from a mobile phlebotomy service, such as home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, research labs, sporting organizations that need to drug test their athletes, or doctors who work with very elderly or very sick patients who may have trouble getting to a hospital or lab to have their blood drawn when they need it. You could also try contracting with your local lab facilities to assist them with their homebound patients, if they don’t already offer mobile phlebotomy services, or get them to refer you. Networking is a huge part of running a successful mobile phlebotomy business.

Not an Easy Path, but Well Worth It

Starting a mobile phlebotomy business is not easy. Take a look at this article, featuring mobile phlebotomy owner Myrna Steinbaum. She is now a very successful business owner, but it took her many years to get there. You will have to make sacrifices along the way and do things that are outside of your phlebotomy training, but if you work hard, you can make it happen!

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