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The Definitive Audience Targeting Options You Need to Try in 2021

The Definitive Audience Targeting Options You Need to Try in 2021

The key to successfully marketing your business is to embrace technology and get online. While you can create your own website from the shells provided by mainstream web providers, it’s generally better to use the services of a web designer Parramatta and create something unique that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

What Is Audience Targeting?

Regardless of what product or service you produce you will have a definitive audience. These are the people who will be interested in buying your product or service. This is rarely everyone!

This is generally referred to as your customer base. However, it can cover a wide demographic. For example, the latest mobile phone can be appealing to tech-minded people of all ages.

Audience targeting involves looking at your customer base and separating them into groups. In the case of the phone, you’ll have tech-minded people, youngsters who want the latest fashion, business people that need the latest tech, and so on. Separating your customer base into different groups allows you to create marketing campaigns for each group, appealing to existing customers and new ones.

The Latest Options For 2021

The global pandemic has affected the way people interact. More time than ever is spent on social media networks instead of having physical contact with other people.

Google In-Market

Google’s in-market audience is a feature designed to help you target anyone looking for your type of product or service. Google collects the information regarding people’s searches and then allows you to send messages to specific groups, as defined by your targeting parameters.

The idea is that your advertising message will be of genuine interest, increasing the likelihood of you gaining a customer. The information is backed by data making it an effective approach.

Google Ads

Google also offers a clever ad system. You place an advert with them but assign the audience that you’re attempting to target. When setting up the parameters you select ‘remarketing’ amongst others.

Google will then ensure that any customer that has gone to your website via a link sees your advert again on a different site. This adds credibility to your advert, bringing the customer back to your site and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook is naturally personalized because it collects so much data from all the different people on its network. This makes it one of the best places to try audience targeting. All you have to do is create your advert and list the qualities and interests your average customer has. Facebook will handle the rest and ensure your advert appears in front of these individuals, potentially creating new customers.

By keeping the adverts relevant, Facebook helps to give you credibility and doesn’t annoy their users.

Of course, the real key to effective audience targeting is knowing what audience you’re trying to target. Research this before you do anything else!

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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