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Sales and Marketing Technology: What Your Company Needs in 2021

Sales and Marketing Technology: What Your Company Needs in 2021

Sales and marketing is one of the core business functions of any company. Without it, a business will not have the necessary muscle to enhance brand visibility, grow its operations, or make customer engagements.

To ensure your business achieves maximum sales productivity and sees improved performance, you need the right resources. Among the myriad of technologies available in the market, using sales enablement software is a strategic approach to achieving sales and marketing success.

Why Your Company Needs Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a technology that provides salespeople with resources, allowing businesses to achieve better win rates. It equips the sales team with the necessary knowledge to ensure they engage a potential client properly, positively influencing their purchasing decision.

Sales enablement technology is vital to the success of a business. Here are reasons why.

Ensures Sales Efficiency

One of the most desirable results of improving a company’s marketing strategies is its ability to improve efficiency. Sales enablement technology equips the sales team with the necessary tools and resources to perform marketing tasks. With such resources at their disposal, they can quickly convert leads into sales, helping speed up marketing operations.

Increases Sales Engagement and Retention

Sales enablement technology identifies gaps in marketing strategies. It highlights misalignments in the company’s sales strategies that reduce productivity and adversely affect team morale.

By embracing the various forms of sales and marketing technology, salespeople are made aware of their shortcomings and addressing such issues leads to an increase in sales engagement and retention of existing clients.

Allows Sales Team to Target the Right Audience

The importance of selling to the right audience cannot be over-emphasized. Sales enablement technology embraces target-marketing by identifying which candidates are best suited for the products or services a company offers.

Through predictive data analysis, technologies will not only identify the people who are most likely to purchase, but also the right people to contact to facilitate conversions.

Sales Teams Acquire Better Skills

To initiate, engage, and close a sale, you need marketing skills. The technology used in sales enablement coaches sales representatives by providing learning modules that touch on the intricacies of marketing.

By studying the modules, the marketing team can learn and master various skills that make them experts at closing sales.

Improves the Company’s Reputation

We live in a digital era where technology is revolutionizing every industry. Considering the many benefits of technology, consumers particularly, appreciate a business that uses technology in the rendering of its services.

As stated earlier, sales enablement software allows a company to have informed, effective, and efficient salespeople. Since they represent the company, their responsiveness and knowledge will shine through during customer interactions, creating a good impression. And guess what? These qualities reflect well on the company.


Supporting an effective and efficient sales process is the core function of any company that seeks to help its representative enjoy more conversions. The list above highlights the reasons why companies should adopt sale enablement technology.

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by Umesh Kumar Keshr // Umesh is a Director of the strategy, PR consultant and Founder of B2B TIMES and B2B TRIBUNE. He has over 6 years’ experience in marketing at companies ranging in size from start-ups to a Fortune 50 company. He really enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

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