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7 Ways to Use Facebook to Sell Your Home

7 Ways to Use Facebook to Sell Your Home

Are you trying to sell your home but can’t attract enough buyers to your listing? Well, selling a home can be harder than you initially thought, and you will not get buyers placing competitive bids on your listing every day. If this is the case for you, leveraging Facebook advertising to showcase your home to more potential buyers is perhaps what you should learn. Facebook allows you to post your home listing to target people in specific neighborhoods or groups, and you can also focus your home listing on particular interests and things that your ideal buyers might be looking for. Another advantage of using Facebook is that it’s cheap and reliable once you get your targeting skills polished. Here are several ways that you can use Facebook to sell your home. 

Use Paid or Organic Traffic

 Facebook allows you to publish posts that will create engagement with interested Facebook users, and thus building a community of followers. Once your Facebook group community grows, you can then start posting home listings that your audience can engage with. This form of advertising is called organic traffic. 
 On the other hand, if you are in a hurry to close a sale or you don’t have enough time to create an audience organically, using paid advertising is the other alternative. Most people avoid getting into paid advertising due to the fear of losing money, but, in reality, how expensive or cheap is Facebook advertising when selling a home? 
 Facebook allows you to post your home listing for as low as $2 per day, and the benefits could be mind-blowing. Imagine closing a $200,000 sale after spending only $50 on advertising! 
 Now that you know the two forms of advertising on Facebook, what should you do to boost your chances of making a sale?

Share Stunning Photos and Visuals

Facebook marketing pros know that posting captivating, high-quality photos of your home will create more engagement, thus triggering Facebook’s algorithm to showcase your posts to a bigger audience. When posting photos for paid traffic, make sure they highlight your home’s unique features and style, and pair your advertisement with eye-catching captions that will compel the reader to click on your link.
 When dealing with posts on your page for your followers, avoid posting all your home photos at once. Your followers will get bored and probably unfollow your page if you keep posting the same thing repeatedly. Learn to strike a playful balance between posting exotic home photos that your audience can admire and leave a like on and some photos of your house that highlight unique details about it. 

Give a Sneak Preview of Your Listing

 Pique your audience’s curiosity by posting a stunning picture of your home interior or exterior with a visually striking feature before listing. Let the audience start commenting and look for the positive feedback and their level of interest, then schedule the listing to keep potential buyers anticipating. Also, use a reputable online house valuation agency to ensure your listing will sell at the best market price once the listing is open. 

 Ask Friends and Colleagues to Share Your Listing

 Whether you have a big or small following on Facebook, you can expand your listing’s reach by politely asking your friends to share, like, and comment on your posts. You could also include a general call to action on your posts to encourage people to visit your website listing.

 Don’t Include a Link in Every Post

 Most people get punished by Facebook’s algorithm due to their lack of knowledge. Facebook is a social platform that wants its users to stay on the platform for as long as possible. If your every post causes people to navigate away from Facebook, your posts will start ranking lower, resulting in less online traffic. To avoid this, only include links on your main posts. Luckily, you can post the website link in the comment section to circumvent this policy safely.

 Be Bold to Play Around with Facebook Ads

 When it comes to Facebook ads for a home listing, there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. Most people will like and visit your website just to admire your listing’s unique features with no intention to buy. Therefore, try to diversify your targeting and keep it broad to allow your posts to reach a bigger audience. Remember, you are only looking for a single sale from thousands of potential buyers.

 Highlight One-Of-A-Kind Features

 People are more drawn to features and location when deciding on what house to buy. Therefore, showcasing the most intriguing and unique features of your home is the most effective way to create a buzz on Facebook. Go high (literally) by using drone footage to display your gorgeously landscaped outdoor space with beautiful garden and therapeutic fairy lights.

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