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Mistakes Likely to Undermine Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

Mistakes Likely to Undermine Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

The healthcare industry is complicated and it is key to get your company’s marketing strategy right. The need to carry out effective marketing is necessitated by the fact that the sector is undergoing changes in consumer behavior with increasing competition. It is difficult for most marketers to seamlessly determine the right approach. However, while searching for the right marketing formula, issues such as lack of accreditation and ignoring feedback can lead to negative results. Here are the five critical mistakes to avoid in the marketing strategy for healthcare.

Ignoring the Accreditation Requirements

Accreditation is a vital tool to enhance the quality of health care services. Compliance with available standards has numerous plausible advantages in improving the performance of any healthcare provider. Regardless of the effort put into marketing, clients are likely to shun your services without accreditation. Ensure you have all the accreditation since most clients can easily check if you are compliant.

For instance, if you are in the medical laboratories sector, you can consider international accreditation by bodies like the International Organization for Standardization. In this case, the ISO 15189 explained will be an added advantage. Overall, accreditation has the following benefits.

Competitive Advantage

The likelihood of potential patients selecting a fully accredited facility is high. This gives you a competitive edge over rivals since there is a guarantee of improved quality care. Additionally, they will likely become good ambassadors for your services if they are satisfied. Adhering to regulations also tells the community that a healthcare service provider is seeking to offer the highest quality services possible.

Reduces Liability Cost

Proper accreditation means your facility can offer safe care with minimal risks. Patient safety measures necessary to acquire certification can save money while avoiding extra costs that might come with adverse events. Another benefit of being a compliant provider is improved efficiency while lowering liability incidents. In this case, the public is aware that you value safety.

Lack of a Marketing Strategy

This is the primary step towards achieving healthcare marketing goals but is overlooked by most practitioners. An effective strategy should set out the target audience and the expected goals like attracting patients or fostering partnerships.

Additionally, a good marketing plan should have tactics to adopt while making room to make changes. A marketing strategy will be vital because it helps cut costs while focusing on the relevant areas. While designing the market strategy, below are some key elements to guide you:

  • Create your ideal client
  • Segment your clients
  • Carry out content mapping

Ignoring Feedback

Before engaging with a healthcare service provider, most patients or partners will likely look at existing reviews. Reviews offer an opportunity to determine the type of service one might get. Currently, healthcare sector players can get reviews from online platforms and make insightful decisions. By considering consumer feedback, marketers can find ways of ensuring the queries raised are incorporated into the market strategy.

Healthcare providers have various means to gather feedback, including leveraging platforms like Facebook. Before running a marketing campaign, marketers can roll out a formal survey process to determine what current and potential clients want.

Not Focusing on the Right Metrics

For any campaign, it is essential to have the right metrics in place, as they help marketers enhance the strategy. Tracking the wrong metrics can contribute to marketing goals not being achieved. To come up with the right metrics, your goals should guide you. For instance, if you intend to attract more patients, you can review if there is a change in your appointments, alongside any changes in reputation.

Focus on Sales Alone

While the goal of marketing might be to attract immediately, there should be a plan to retain them and establish long-term relationships. The marketing strategy should be designed to motivate the new clients to stay longer. Generally, this can be achieved through offering quality services and ensuring the new visitors have the best experience.  Additionally, for the healthcare sector, building lasting relationships needs to center around factors like effective communication and showing empathy where necessary.


A majority of the marketing mistakes in healthcare are mainly a result of shortcomings in the traditional marketing space. Identifying these marketing mistakes is crucial to determining the success of your campaign.

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