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3 Things No Small Business Can Do Without

3 Things No Small Business Can Do Without

Owning and operating a small business can be just as terrifying as it is exciting. You have finally reached a point in life where you can be your own boss and do things the way you had always imagined they should be done. Unfortunately, in the process, you may have overlooked a few things no small business can do without. If you are missing one or more of the following, then perhaps it’s time to consider making a few tweaks.

A Small Business Accountant

Unless you hold an MBA, you may not realize just how intense business law can be. Having a Small Business Accountant on retainer can help you in several areas you are probably now struggling with. You have QuickBooks, which is relatively user-friendly, but that’s only for basic bookkeeping tasks. When it comes to business taxation law, that’s another story altogether. Are you afraid of being audited as a result of incomplete filings or errors you may have made? This is one major stressor you can do without. An accountant can do more than help you through tax season. The right accountant can give you tips for working with the software so that you are prepared with the data your accountant will need to balance your books while keeping the IRS happy.

A Business Website

You may have built a solid small business but at times there are things required of you that you have no time to deal with. Sometimes it’s a question of how to operate a piece of equipment you sell and other times it’s a potential customer asking whether or not you carry a specific product line or inquiring about services you provide. These are all things that can be found on a business website and the best part of all is that you will face fewer interruptions in your already busy day.

A Top-Notch Marketing Team

Another aspect of having a business website is the amount of traffic you can bring into your establishment. Did you know that more people find new businesses to deal with through online searches than in more traditional ways like the yellow pages? In addition, the majority of those searches are conducted on a mobile device. This means that you will need a top-notch marketing team to reach your audience where they can be found. There are different techniques for ranking well in mobile searches than in searches from a desktop, and that’s something you are probably unprepared to handle. You may not believe you need more customers, but since they are the lifeblood of your business, you can never have too many! You may need to ramp up operations a bit, but you’ll profit in the long run.

These are three of the things most often overlooked by small businesses, especially with entrepreneurs who have never owned and operated a business before. If you are missing any, or all of them, it’s time to make those necessary changes. You’ll be delighted you did!

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by Brian Perry // Brian Perry is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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