Marketing Basics

10 Must-Have Items for Any Trade Show

Employees jump through the hoops of emails, social media dealings, and searching for the right traditional venue just to make concrete impressions on their clients and potential business associates. Fortunately, trade shows present unparalleled opportunities for companies to showcase their merchandise and also offer some excitement. Due to the nature of trade shows, one can … [Read more...]

A Guide to Help You Craft Convincing Marketing Messages

Customers buy products when you give them reasons to. You need to learn how to create messages that will turn potential customers into buyers. Every marketers’ dream is to create a promotion that will hit the headlines among consumers in the targeted locations. But this rarely happens because they don’t know how to convince the right customers. Some people are afraid to … [Read more...]

7 Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Managing your small business is one of the most exciting parts about being an entrepreneur. There are so many ways to promote your business and get the word out about your products or services and numerous opportunities for growth. However, owning a small business can also feel like you’re venturing out into uncharted territory—and that opens you up for many mistakes and … [Read more...]

What is Marketing, and How Is It Different from Sales?

Marketing is the integrated strategic approach to identifying, reaching and preparing prospects or leads for the sales process. Marketing strategies can include: market analysis, public relations, advertising, pricing strategies, and customer service. The strategy behind marketing is to “pull” with a concentration on long-term results. Successful marketing strategies match … [Read more...]

Small Business Marketing Essentials: 2 – The Inner Secret To Branding

Successful branding is accomplished when the business is able to effectively demonstrate the solution it desires to bring to their customer. Notice I said “demonstrate” and not “communicate”. The common business owner spends so much time trying to communicate their brand image through logos, color schemes, slogans or taglines, that they overlook the simple fact that their brand … [Read more...]