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A Guide to Help You Craft Convincing Marketing Messages

A Guide to Help You Craft Convincing Marketing Messages

Customers buy products when you give them reasons to. You need to learn how to create messages that will turn potential customers into buyers.

Every marketers’ dream is to create a promotion that will hit the headlines among consumers in the targeted locations. But this rarely happens because they don’t know how to convince the right customers.

Some people are afraid to create marketing promotions because they have no formal training or education in marketing. Others are scared because they have never convinced many people with the messages they have history created.

However, with a marketing guide that reveals the inner secrets of how to create winning promotions, it is possible to achieve the dream. Even if you did not study this area, by following these tips, you would be as convincing as other marketing gurus.

The Meaning and Importance of a Marketing Message

It is a message that you pass on to consumers to convince them to buy your products or services. You may say this message intentionally, and at other times, it may be unintentional. Therefore, as a marketer, you have to be careful about everything that you say to individuals, primarily online. People might rely on the things you say even if you did not intend for the message to be promotional.

Even if people do not speak the same language as you, they may use translation services to interpret what you say. Individuals enter your message on a translator, and within seconds, they get the text in their language.

A marketing message should be passed to the right customers. If you create a selling text and fail to show it to your target market, it may not succeed in inviting customers to buy your goods.

The message is essential in that the way you say it determines whether you will touch the emotions of customers. You must say it in a way that will raise emotions and make individuals to admire products and make a decision to purchase them immediately or later.

Step by Step Process of Creating a Persuasive Message

You need to follow several steps to be able to develop a compelling message. Each of the steps is important, and you cannot bypass any one of them if you want your message to achieve the purpose. Below is an explanation of each of the steps.

First Identify the Audience that You Are Creating the Message For

One group may appreciate a message that another one does not even recognize. Therefore, you should be aware of the customers that you are targeting with the news. What are their likes, dislikes, and behavior? Do they buy products online or offline? Where do the customers live?

Answering these questions means that you have identified the buyer persona. When you know their behavior and what they like, you can draft messages that speak to the individuals personally. You will also be able to design the right word for the audience.

Identify the Problems that the Target Market Is Facing and How Your Product/Service Solves It

Customers in the modern day do not want to hear about the features and prices of products or services. They are more convinced by things that promise to solve their problems. Therefore, you should start by identifying the challenges that customers are facing.

For example, if you are providing accounting software to small business owners in the United States, it means you have completed the first step. You have already identified your target market as small business owners. The next thing is to determine the problems that these individuals face. These must be problems related to bookkeeping and accounting because you are selling a computer program. Some of the issues they may be facing include:

  • Too many confusing records

If an organization uses actual books to keep, it means that they will need to buy many materials. They will need books to record stock, sales, debts, credits, cash in hand, and a record to show some money at the bank. If the organization conducts too many transactions, this means they would have many files.

  • The problem of locating records when a customer raises an issue

When these businesses receive complains from customers, they have to find things such as receipts to show when the customer bought the product, its price, and features. The businesses cannot solve the issue without confirming that the item is authentic before answering it.

  • Organizations may also be facing many errors with their records

Since an individual has to do all the calculations manually and then record them in the books, mistakes may be inevitable. One may confuse numbers and either over or underestimate the price or cost of a product in the records.

The next step is to explain how your software will solve the problems that the individuals are facing. Some of the solutions you may develop include:

  • The software will do calculations automatically, hence eliminate errors of over or undercharging.
  • A program that will be easy to retrieve records even if they are from three or four years ago.
  • The software will record transactions online. Hence, there will be no need to have any physical records in the office.

Now that you have identified problems of customers and developed solutions, it is time to craft a message to convince them to buy the program.

Create a Powerful Headline

A headline usually is a statement that aims to convince customers. In the example above about accounting software, you may create a headline like the one below:

“An accounting software that will help eliminate bookkeeping errors by more than 0%.”

Make the statement captivating because it is the only chance you have to state the problems and solutions in a few words.

You should take time to create the headline. Do not be in a rush. Even if it means taking a break so that you can look at it with a fresh mind, you should do it.

Present Customers with the Solutions You Are Offering

Since you promised to sell a program that reduces errors in small businesses, it is now time to present the solutions to customers. Give details of how the software will eliminate the need to store physical records that occupy space, get old and clumsy, and are hard to retrieve. Compel them with all the solutions until they believe that missing out on the product would be a bad idea. Make sure that your message is not long and tedious. Let it be short and precise.

Follow These Tips When Drafting Promotional Messages

Having understood the process of drafting a message for promotion means that you are now ready to create one. In addition to this, there are secrets that you may use to make your message compelling. One of these is that you should aim at touching the emotions of the potential customers. Use words that achieve this goal. For example, you may use the word organized as it will make the business owners want to make their business orderly.

You may also use logic when explaining the benefits of the product. Inform consumers that with the software, they will have records that will help them to get loans for more funding. Most small businesses struggle with finances, hence when you promise that the product may help them in accessing funds, you will have convinced them to buy it.

The next secret is to speak the language of consumers and show them how the product helped other customers. If you are targeting English speakers, use someone who speaks to inform the target market how they benefited from the product. When you use a similar language to consumers, they see you as one of them. Hence, they develop trust for your products and services.

Note that competitors are also working hard to sell similar products and services. Therefore, you should develop a strategy of making yours unique. If you have the same benefits with rivals, it means that your products are the same and there is no reason for a customer to buy your product. One way to differentiate your program is to offer free training on how to install and use the software. Entrepreneurs who want to buy a product that they will be able to use will buy from you.

You may also inform potential customers that you are offering 24-hour customer service after they buy the product. These differentiation techniques will play a significant role in increasing sales and profits.

So, as a marketer, you should know all the tips and tricks of winning customers. The more knowledge you have, the more you will be able to write compelling promotional messages. Once you know about the tactics, ensure that you put them into practice. You may not develop a killer promotion on your first try. Therefore, you should keep trying so that you can improve your skills. If a strategy does not work among your target market, try a different one the next time.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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