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Tips for Marketing a New Brand

Tips for Marketing a New Brand

You might have the best product in the world, but it’s going to be useless unless the right customers know about it.

Although marketing has become easier than it was fifty years ago, it has also become super-competitive. So in this article, we’ll share six useful tips that can help you reach your customers through all the noise.

Let’s begin.

Create a Website

This goes without saying — creating a business website is the first marketing step you should take as a new business. A business website portrays you as a serious, professional company and let’s you leverage digital marketing to reach customers.

When designing a website, make sure to optimize it for mobile phones. That’s because 63% of all retail website visits in 2018 were from mobile phones. Plus, data shows that 57% of internet users won’t recommend a business that has a poorly designed website on mobile.

It’s also important to optimize your website for speed. Users today are impatient and will bounce off a page that takes more than two seconds to load. One good way to speed up your website is by compressing all the images.

Other things to keep in mind when designing a business website include:

  • Ensure that your content is as attractive as your website’s layout — almost 40% users stop engaging with a website if it has a poor layout or content.
  • Remember to include a loud and clear call-to-action (CTA). You want your customers to clearly understand what they can do to engage with your business.

A CTA can be about anything from buying a product to signing up for your newsletter, depending on your business. Many new companies forget to include a CTA on their website, which is a mistake you should not make.

Leverage Press Releases

A press release is an instant way to get attention, something that’s very useful as a new business. It’s especially useful for getting access to a qualified audience. That’s because publishing houses have an established readership that’s made up of industry leaders and professionals who might be useful for your business.

Press releases are also great for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. After you’ve created a business website, you want to drive traffic to it. This is where SEO comes in — it’s the process of optimizing your website in such a way that it gets the maximum amount of traffic possible.

When you publish a press release, the publishing house leaves a link to your company on their website. This improves your website’s SEO, driving qualified traffic to it. It might also boost your sales.

As a new business, navigating through the world of press releases can be daunting – distribution services like Get The Word Out take care of the outreach side of things (and can even get the writing side of things done). Even still, there is a lot to consider beyond this – how it integrates with the broader marketing strategy, and what the topic you want to promote is in the first place – to name a few.

Design a Good Sign-up Form

As a new brand, the one thing you’re lacking is data about your customers, and a good sign-up form is an excellent way to fill this gap. Data from a well-designed sign-up form is especially useful for personalizing your email campaigns, which are crucial for the growth of a new company.

For example, you can use your sign-up form to gather dates that are important to your customers (like their birthday). You can then send out an email wishing a happy birthday to each customer, which will help you build a good relationship with them. You may use this opportunity to recommend products suitable for their birthday, or give them a birthday discount.

This can be implemented with other important dates as well, such as anniversaries and the date a customer made their first purchase from you.

There are plenty of other data points that you can use to segment your email list and hyper-target customers. You can learn more about them here.

But once again, collecting the right data can be challenging as a new business. If you’re planning to use sign-up forms for data collection, keep them short and sweet. Otherwise, you’ll annoy your customers.

You can also use periodic email surveys to gather data.

Hire a Good Copywriter

A copywriter might be expensive, but it’s an important investment for a new business. That’s because data suggests that users consume only about 20% of content on a web page. In addition, 74% of web readers care about the grammar and spelling on a page.

This means the content you put on your website should not only be grammatically accurate, but also super effective at grabbing your customers’ attention and retaining it. This is something only an excellent copywriter can do for you.

Hiring an in-house copywriter might not be feasible for you as a new business. This is why you should use freelancing platforms like Upwork to hire writers on a per-project basis. You may also find someone who does content strategy in addition to copywriting on these platforms, which is an extremely helpful combination.

Use Giveaways (Both Physical and Digital)

As a new brand, you need customers quickly and nothing compares to free stuff when it comes to means of quickly gathering a crowd.

So make sure you give away free stuff once in a while. This could include physical items like fridge magnets and digital freebies like ebooks. You could also give out massive discounts to build a customer base quickly. Everyone likes to grab a 70% discount.

There’s a lot of room for creativity here — anything that helps you go viral on social media is a good idea.

Use Referral Marketing

As a brand, you need to build trust among your customers and launching a referral marketing program is a good way to do that.

In a referral program, a customer receives some kind of incentive if they recommend your product to someone they know. This could be a discount or a free product, depending on your business type and finances. The more attractive your referral offer is, the higher your chances of success.

Plus, referral marketing allows you to calculate the exact cost of acquiring a new customer– something that’s useful to know as a new business.

Just like with email marketing, you should try to personalize the referral experience for your customers as much as possible. Check out this guide on referral marketing personalization.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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