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4 SaaS Marketing Tips for 2022

4 SaaS Marketing Tips for 2022

SaaS businesses sell services, which is very different from selling tangible products. Because these are intangible products, it can be a lot more difficult to engage people using traditional marketing strategies and efforts like social media. SaaS businesses have to take a different approach, and the approach that works best for these types of businesses is digital marketing. In this article, we will be looking at effective marketing strategies that work for SaaS businesses in 2022.

Leverage Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for SaaS businesses because it is something they can take advantage of easily. The angle to take here is to provide a solution to visitors who are looking for one for an issue or pain point they have. After all, SaaS products are created to solve customers’ problems.

People with these pain points will often look at the features in different SaaS products that can help them instead of the outcomes. Creating your content with answers to questions and solutions and taking customers through a buyer’s journey are key in this strategy.

Remember that putting out content is often not enough as you also need to create targeted content that speaks specifically to these pain points and provides solutions. The content should also be optimized for the search terms that customers are likely searching for.

Offer Free Trials

SaaS businesses are in a great position to offer free trials because, depending on the service, there is typically little cost involved in letting customers do so. Offering free trials helps move the customer’s journey because they will be much more likely to make a full purchase once they see how useful the product is.

Offering free trials is also an opportunity for these businesses to showcase their customer support and the additional benefits customers would get once they pay. Lastly, the conversion from a free to a paid customer requires no additional effort once a customer sees how beneficial the product is.

Work on PPC Campaigns

When your SEO and content marketing strategies are not bringing in the levels of traffic you expect them to, it is time to consider PPC campaigns. Before you do so, however, you need to do your research to ensure you use the right long-tail keywords and keyword variations. Doing so will ensure your ads appear in front of the people you are targeting while also keeping a low cost-per-click.

Many SaaS businesses have seen a lot of growth using a combination of SEO and PPC. Their SEO efforts ensure their pages rank highly so that even in cases where people do not click on their ads, they still click on their links on the search results.

Lastly, you also need to optimize your landing pages. There is no need to spend a lot of money on SEO and a PPC campaign if people leave your landing page because it is not well-designed. You need to ensure adequate conversions on your landing page and if you don’t know how to design landing pages that convert, you can check out this SaaS examples gallery where you can see successful landing pages to get an idea of what to add to and do with yours.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Marketing

Building relationships with affiliate marketers, influencers, and publishers can open massive opportunities for your SaaS business. These affiliates will spread the word about your product(s) and help drive leads and sales to your business. Affiliate marketing already works in other niches and there is no reason it would not work here.

SaaS marketing will often look different from marketing other types of businesses due to the nature of its products and services. However, digital marketing can be tweaked to fit the SaaS model and help businesses in this niche realize unprecedented growth and return on investment.

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