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Avoid the Toyota C-HR, Choose the Honda HR-V Instead

Avoid the Toyota C-HR, Choose the Honda HR-V Instead

Since the existence of four wheelers, there are a number of features and some basic shapes that come in almost all types of automobile manufacturers. If we talk particularly about Sports Utility Vehicles, most of them are pretty similar. The market for SUV buyers and sellers has grown over the years as it appears to help accommodate larger or joint families. That’s why automobile manufacturers have got more alert and have started striving to make things work out for their SUVs. Almost every automobile manufacturer is trying to offer something unique to stand out from the crowd. However, after the introduction of toyota chr and Honda HRV, it seems like manufacturers are thinking out of the same box. Let’s move ahead and discuss the common SUVs and their functions.

Introducing Toyota and Honda’s Most Similar Vehicles

Toyota and Honda have come up with two SUVs, or sports utility vehicles, that are so similar that their names are also similar. Toyota C-HR and Honda HR-V; both of their names consist of ‘HR’. Moreover, it is quite obvious that there has to be a better one. Let’s dig in deeper and figure out which SUV is better and worth buying.

The best things about both of these cars are their price– they won’t cost you a fortune. While the starting price of the Toyota CHR is about 21,000 USD, the HR-V’s price starts at 20,000 USD. Along with being pocket-friendly, when it comes to fuel efficiency, these SUVs are also economical. The Honda HRV has a better average than Toyota CHR. When you drive the HRV in the city, you get an average of 28 mpg while the CHR provides 27 mpg. While driving these SUVs on highways, Toyota’s SUV will give you an average of 31 mpg. On the other hand, the HRV gives 34 highway mpg.

Determining Power of the Twin SUVs

If we speak of power, the HRV has the capacity of towing about 1000 lbs but that’s not great. It consists of a 1.8 liter engine with four cylinders that could pump out approx 127 lb-ft torque and 141 horsepower. It takes about 9.6 seconds for the Honda HRV to reach 60 miles per hour from 0 miles per hour. On the other hand, when it comes to engine power the Toyota CHR is built with a better approach. The Toyota model has been equipped with a 2-liter engine with the same four cylinders. However, it pumps out a little extra with 139 lb-ft torque and 144 horsepower. Along with that, it can tow about 1500 lbs. Though, the HRV is much faster than CHR, as the required time by latter to reach 60 miles per hour from 0 miles per hour in 10.1 seconds.

Honda HRV, the better choice?

Apart from the slight difference in the approach of building the engine, Honda’s HRV is far better than Toyota’s CHR in many ways. One of the major factors that make HRV a better choice is its feature of having all-wheel drive. The CHR is available only for front-wheel-drive which makes it a little less efficient while driving in unfavorable weather conditions, especially in the snow. Another factor that makes HRV a better option when compared to CRV is ground clearance. While Honda’s contestant has 7” ground clearance CRV’s ground clearance is a bit close to the ground with 5”.

Both of these SUVs are equipped with all types of modern technology. Honda’s HRV has won many awards over the past few years and was rated among the best SUV in the year 2019. This vehicle is loved by people belonging to different age groups as its style attracts youngsters and its sustainability is liked by older people. Therefore, the final verdict is in the favor of Honda’s HRV for being much better, more efficient, and more economical. Now you decide yourself, but we think avoiding the Toyota CHR will be the right decision.

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