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Commercial Building Tips to Prevent Maintenance Call-outs

Commercial Building Tips to Prevent Maintenance Call-outs

Calling out a service maintenance engineer can be a common occurrence for businesses with commercial buildings. However, this can be costly and could distract employees from work. Here is how you can maintain your building to prevent call-outs.

Run Your Heating Low and Often

Keeping the heating low and avoiding turning it off completely for extended periods of time will help to prevent it from freezing up or breaking. Boiler repairs can be expensive, especially if you need to replace your boiler all together.

If you have a workspace that is too hot or too cold, staff may become uncomfortable and it might even result in them being sent home if it is lower than or exceeds recommended working environment temperatures.

Even during periods of time when there’s nobody in the office, keep your heating on low, or on a timer throughout the day, as this will stop the pipes from freezing over and resulting in costly damage.

Optimize Your Energy Consumption

An office that uses a lot of energy in an inefficient way will cost much more in operational bills than one that takes care of its energy use. You can increase the efficiency of your energy by replacing your windows with fully insulated ones – this is particularly important for old buildings that might only have single glass panes. You can also insulate around your doors and replace the roof insulation so that heat stays within the building for longer.

Also remind staff not to leave doors and windows open where possible during winter months, as the heat will escape this way and you’ll find yourself using a lot more energy to keep the place a warm and comfortable place to work.

Do Your Own Maintenance Where You Can

If you are a small business, you may want to do some maintenance yourself. If there are small odds and ends that you know how to fix, you can refrain from calling out a service engineer. If you keep a tool box on site at the property, you’ll be equipped with the tools needed for these jobs that don’t necessarily require a service engineer.

Look after Your Equipment

Make sure that staff are taking care of equipment in shared spaces and bathrooms, such as ensuring that sinks and food areas are cleaned and correctly maintained as well as not putting anything down the toilets that can’t be flushed. If your employees do this, you are less likely to be faced with blocked drains and toilets that would otherwise result in an emergency plumber coming out to look at the problem.

It’s also a good idea to hire a cleaner to help keep on top of things your staff might not notice. You will be surprised how much dirt and dust can lead to issues within a building, as dust and dirt can clog air conditioning systems and radiators and will need maintenance to fix them. Hiring a cleaner can reduce the chances of this happening.

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