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Looking to Set up an Online Marketing Business?

Looking to Set up an Online Marketing Business?

People are always looking at new ways to earn money online. Especially since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, which saw so many businesses shut up shop, and even more people losing their jobs, all over the world. Fortunately for some, they were able to work freelance instead, but for others that wasn’t the case.

One sector that has seen a boom in people working there is the online marketing business. It’s ideal because a lot of it can be done from home, and a lot of the work can be done freelance, or if you win contracts, it can set you up well to operate your own business and hire some assistants of your own.

But what types of online marketing businesses are there to get into? Well, that’s where we’re going to help you out, as we put together a list of some of the top online marketing business ideas that you can potentially start getting involved in.

Affiliate Marketing

You may well have heard of affiliate marketing. Many big companies like Amazon have their own programs, and even the top online sportsbook sites. The way in which these work is that the companies use affiliates to help advertise their brand, and in return, they pay their affiliates a commission of sales made through their own specific tracked IDs.

While you may not be able to set up your own affiliate scheme in terms of having nothing to sell, you can sign up to others’ schemes and make them work for you. You could start up a blog reviewing products while leaving affiliate links to the products tested, earning you commission on any sales. Or you could alternatively run groups and pages on social media such as Facebook, and gather yourself a following as a top deal hunter.

Either way, it can take time to build your following no matter what you do. But with time and effort, you can grow and the bigger you grow, the more income you’re likely to make from affiliate marketing.

Content and Social Media Marketing

You may have heard of the word influencer, but are not entirely sure what it means. Well, many ‘influencers’ have given the term a bad rep in recent years, looking at trying to just get paid services and goods for free but not really doing anything except saying they’ll share a post on their Instagram with their millions of followers. Who most likely aren’t even real.

But if you can create engaging content that tells a story, and you can use your skills and abilities to get that story out to people and develop a following and relationship with them, you could be an influencer. Because that’s just what an influencer does, they influence people. Whether that be again by hosting your own blogs, or by posting images on instagram and videos on YouTube.

The idea is that you put your personality into all you do, with your following growing, you’ll see brands approaching you that relate to your content. It could be a food chain, a fashion designer, or even an entertainment venue, but they’ll come to you and pay you as well as potentially supply you with free stuff, in return for promotional content on their products and services.

However, having lots of followers isn’t enough, you also need to have good engagement levels. That means that people like your content, share it, quote it, and chat with you and you reply to them. It can be a lot of work but also rewarding as you create your own communities. Just don’t be one of those who gives influencers a bad name by demanding free stuff from everyone in return for an insta photo.

Search Engine Optimization

Another form of online marketing business that many people get involved in, and it’s less of an in your face one than the other areas, is working on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This basically means finding websites who could do with improvements to help them grow their ranking in google analytics such as Domain Authority (DA) and of course, grow their following.

This is done in numerous ways, but the main thing to start with is by analyzing the site to see what it does well, and where the site can improve. It may be that none of their posts have keywords that search engines like Google use to help people find your site. It could be that the website doesn’t have many backlinks from outside the website, which can help improve DA scores that will suggest your site will rank higher in Google amongst your rivals in searches.

Now, it’s easy enough to pick up how this all works, but with so many people now offering services such as link-building, it can be hard to get into. However, once you grab yourself one or two clients, word of mouth can really help things take off and recommendations can help you really build up a solid client base as long as you do a good enough job. But it can be a lot of hard work emailing and approaching numerous sites and businesses in the early days of venturing into this area.

There Are Other Online Marketing Businesses Available

The world of online marketing businesses doesn’t stop here; there are so many more available. You have things such as Search Engine Marketing, Pay-per-click Advertising, and Email Marketing. But the ones above are some of the easier and quicker to get into. So if you’re looking at getting into this kind of area for a career, they’re the better places to start. Then, down the line, you can always branch out and research other areas that you could expand into.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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