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Protect Your Health and Safety with a Timed Temperature Indicator

Protect Your Health and Safety with a Timed Temperature Indicator

When you have food, medicine, or products that are likely to spoil at certain temperatures, it’s important to know if they’re being stored properly or not. We’ve all heard stories of people getting food poisoning from the potato salad that was left out in the sun too long at the picnic.

There are also stories about wine that tastes terrible because it was stored in a hot attic, or a medication that had to be replaced because it was supposed to be refrigerated and someone forgot. Fortunately, there’s a way to reduce a lot of these risks and problems. It all starts with knowing the temperature of a location quickly and efficiently, for safety and security.

Keep Food Safety High

Food safety is really important. Some cases of food poisoning can result in hospitalization and even death, so making sure not to serve food that’s spoiled is a high priority for restaurants and other establishments. It’s also important at get-togethers of families and friends, where food might end up sitting out longer than really intended. With the right temperature indicator, though, you can see at a glance what temperature the environment is in order to make a better determination if something is safe to eat.

Because it’s a time-temperature decision, it also helps to determine how long something has been at an unsafe temperature or how quickly a temperature might be rising. By knowing all of that, it’s much easier to see whether a particular food item should be thrown away or whether it’s still likely to be safe to eat. If there’s any question about how warm something has gotten, or how long it has been at that temperature, it’s much better to get rid of it instead of taking the risk. A temperature indicator is a good way of judging that more easily.

Protect Vaccines from Spoiling

Another good use for a temperature indicator is to keep vaccines and medications from spoiling. Many of these kinds of items have to be refrigerated, and they aren’t going to be safe if they get too warm. In some cases that could make them dangerous, but mostly they’ll just be ineffective. Of course, not having them work as intended could mean serious consequences for the people these vaccines or medications are given to. It’s best to avoid those kinds of problems, and knowing what the temperature is can help you to do so.

Some Products Are Temperature Sensitive

It’s not just food and medical care that are affected by temperature. There are also products that are more sensitive to temperature, and that won’t work as intended if they’ve gotten too warm. With that in mind, having a timed-temperature indicator can provide good insight and information into protecting these products. If they’re starting to get too warm, the environment can be cooled or the products can be moved to allow for better protection in an environment that’s safer for those products to be stored or used in.

Liability Is an Important Consideration

Among the biggest reasons to have a temperature indicator for sensitive items is liability. If a company isn’t paying close attention to particular items, they could be putting themselves at risk. People who become ill because of the company’s lack of temperature control for certain items may bring suit against the company or the individuals who should have been monitoring the temperature. Because of that, there’s a big risk of liability that can be greatly reduced through quality information about the temperature that items are being stored and used at.

Single-Use Options Are Easy and Convenient

With a timed-temperature indicator that’s single-use, there’s a lowered risk of contamination and other problems. There’s also less chance of an incorrect reading, since the indicator isn’t something that’s been used for a very long time. Items eventually wear out or stop working correctly, and a single-use option makes that less likely. That’s important, since some temperature-sensitive items can be very important, very expensive, or very serious in the harm they can cause if they aren’t kept at proper temperature.

For any individual or company that’s concerned about temperature sensitive items like food, medicine, or delicate equipment, a temperature indicator that’s timed and available for a single use can work very well. Not only is it easy and convenient to use, but it makes it more difficult to ignore the task. Sometimes, a complicated process will be skirted or overlooked, but this kind of behavior can put people at risk.

With a single-use temperature indicator that’s so quick and easy to use, there’s no reason to skirt around or try to avoid it. It doesn’t take long, and is well worth the time to make sure the products are being stored and used in a manner that’s safe and effective.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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