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How to Create Classy Business Packaging

How to Create Classy Business Packaging

For businesses that ship a lot of products by mail, packaging matters. It’s the first thing your customer sees upon a product’s arrival. A simple box isn’t enough. Branded, memorable unboxings are a part of the culture of eCommerce and business shipping.

Marketing is built around presentation. Classy business packaging that stands out has to have something unique to it. There are various ways to make a unique package, including toying with shapes, colors, and materials. However, there isn’t an instructional manual on how to make the best packaging for your brand. It relies more on creativity and instinct rather than trying to fulfill any predefined idea.

If you’re sending products by mail to customers, here are a few hints on how to create classy business packaging.

Mailing Box Shape

The mailing box shape you choose does not have to be your standard bulk cargo square or rectangle. A lot of classy business packaging is tailored to the shape of the product. Some options include side loaders, easy-fold designs, multi-depth boxes, wine-style shopping boxes, and more.

Brand Colors

Brand colors help to identify a product to you. Depending on your target audience and how identifiable the colors you are using are, this can be a great approach to coming up with some beautifully done unique business packaging. Your logo does not necessarily need to be prominently featured, either, so long as you have the colors displayed across the box.

Custom Tape

Custom tape is a technique a lot of brands use, including Amazon. Custom-printed tape is inexpensive and can be used to decorate any box or packaging, instantly lifting it from non-branded and generic to something more special. If you aren’t sure how to create classy business packaging on a budget or in a way that doesn’t require a total redesign of existing packaging, try some custom tape.

Small, Less Bulky Shape

It’s more stylish to ship something in a small, less bulky package today than the alternative. Padded mailers are particularly popular for this reason. They can pack small, flat, or delicate products in and still look highly classy and luxurious. Some may opt for bags or special envelopes instead. Each of these has a range of classy business packaging options to think about.

Extra Protection

Some items need a little extra padding in the packaging. Whether it’s recyclable paper, bubble wrap, or something else, this protection doesn’t have to look so industrial and bland. You can choose an unfamiliar design, stylizing these sorts of packages according to the classy aesthetic you want to communicate. Especially if it’s smaller packaging, use materials that matter.

Add Tissue Paper

When your customer unboxes your product, they will stumble upon what’s inside. Wrap it with tissue paper. Add that little extra color and something exciting as they dig deeper into the packaging. Tissue paper is very inexpensive and further builds anticipation. You have custom-printed tissue paper and regular tissue paper. Both are fine choices for classy business packaging.


Although custom tape is preferable to most, you can use some custom stickers in addition or as an alternative. Stickers are easy to make, very versatile, and can be used to seal paper and packaging. One or two sticker designs is ideal.

When you start loading up on stickers, that’s when a package can start to look cheap. That said, if you have custom tape, you’re golden in terms of sealing any business packaging.


If one approach is taken more or less on all classy business packaging, it’s the commitment to keeping things simple and minimalist. You don’t have to make it overly busy, colorful, or complex. At the end of the day, it just needs to be functional business packaging.

Everything else you lay atop it, in terms of style, doesn’t have to be something that grabs someone’s attention. Think understated class rather than eye-popping color.


If it’s a product that the customer needs to use a certain way, send along instructions with it. A how-to guide can be printed using classy fonts and on luxury materials, further adding to the prestige of what’s being received. If it’s now a ‘how-to’ kind of gift, you can use this space for anything educational, either about your brand, in an email newsletter, or something genuine that will resonate with the recipient of this product.

A Thank You Note

Inside your packaging, here’s the last thing to do. Add a thank you note. It can be as simple as one line. It can even be labelled and stuck inside your box presentation. A thank you note is classy and treats the customer like a human being. It makes them feel like they’re valued and further pulls them into your brand’s world, making the product they purchased feel even more special.

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