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The Role Of Flexible Packaging In Food Packaging Industry

The Role Of Flexible Packaging In Food Packaging Industry

Packaging food has always been an important aspect of any food related business. But the advent and frequent use of flexible packaging materials has made the life easy for businesses in the food industry. If you go to any nearby supermarket to buy various food products, you will see a vast majority of food products in supermarket shelves are packaged with flexible packaging materials. Here are few key reasons flexible packaging is hot today:

Retaining The Quality Of Food Over Longer Period Of Time

One of the major goals of food packaging is retaining the quality of the food over time. And flexible packaging is the best solution as it retains the quality of the food products over longer period of time as the air-tight packaging does not allow any outside elements such as UV rays, moisture get inside the package. Finally, very low oxygen transmission rate keep the quality of foods intact over time. The use of flexible packaging materials in fact significantly increase the lifecycle of food products. Say for example, coffee packaging is very important to retain the quality of coffee. There are so many very expensive brands of coffee and the famous coffee brands use flexible coffee packaging for their products to keep the quality of coffee intact.

Great Cost Advantage

Prior to advent of flexible packaging, the cost of food packaging was very high due to higher the weight and material requirements. But flexible packaging requirement for packaging any given food is very low as it literally a very thin, lightweight material. The cost of flexible packaging materials is very minimal as well.

Convenience In Storage And Transportation

When products are packaged using flexible packaging, the product packages are literally the shape of the product itself adding not much weight and volume in the product sets. So, the products take less space in warehouse and also in transport vehicles. When in transportation, the food products are safe from outside elements, retaining the quality of the food during the transportation. The Air-tight feature of flexible packages too play an important role in retaining the quality of the product during transportation.

Better Advertising And Promotion

Advertisers can print attractive messages and images on flexible packages to give the food products an attractive look. If you see the supermarket shelves, you will easily notice how attractive the food products look in various shaped flexible packages. Use of flexible packaging enables businesses to customize their food packages to make the products look attractive. Still, customers can see and feel products inside to understand the quality of the product inside. These days, how well and attractive a product is packaged tells a lot about the quality of product and its brand. So, businesses willing to take competitive advantages by creating a strong brand value always want to make their products as attractive as possible. And use of creativity is most possible when you package your food products using flexible packaging materials such as ePac flexible packaging.


If you are in a food business, try to adopt flexible packaging to have competitive advantages over your competitors. Save packaging costs, maintain quality of food over time, do creative marketing on the product packages to attract more and more customers and increase your company’s brand value.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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