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Types of Packaging to Consider for Your Business

Types of Packaging to Consider for Your Business

We all have picked a product from the store knowing absolutely nothing about it just because the package is cute or attractive to us.  As a business owner in a very competitive market, is important that your products stand out and are easily recognized.  There is no doubt that packaging is one of strongest form of marketing that is quite budget friendly since it kills two birds with one stone.

Other than making your products easily recognizable, packaging also provides a protection layer for your product. A package protects food from damage and contamination. Packaging is very important especially to business owners who export their products. The goods need to be well packaged to handle the different modes of transport, and also make it easy for the shippers to handle. Apart from picking a reliable shipping company to export your products, it is your responsibility as a business owner to pick the correct package for your goods. Here are the types of packaging you can consider for your business.

Rigid Boxes

A rigid box is a type of box made of a strong cardboard. This is a highly condensed paperboard that is approximately 4 times thicker than the usual brown collapsible boxes, hence is more protective to your goods. They are definitely heavier than ordinary collapsible boxes. They are firm and rigid in structure.

This type of packaging is very desirable since it can easily be customized according to you desired design. These boxes can be matte or glossy finish and they can be hot stamped with whatever you want.  In terms of cost, this form of packaging is quite expensive and they’re used to package premium good such as luxury/designer bags and shoes, pricey jewelry, cosmetics and premium phones. Another disadvantage is that it’s a form of packaging that cannot be used alone you will need to get another form of packaging to protect.

Corrugated Cardboard

These are the common brown collapsible boxes, mostly made of recycled paper. These types of boxes are made with multiple layers of paper to make them strong and somewhat rigid. These corrugated boxes are mostly used for export, storing things and it is even used in retail.  For example, they are used to pack pizzas, and in some cases, cakes too. Cardboard boxes are very versatile and can be used for many different things.  They are also quite cost effective and it is not nearly as expensive as rigid boxes. Cardboard boxes are mostly made from recycled paper which makes them very friendly to the environment. Unfortunately, these boxes can easily be damaged by water if they are not properly lined and they do not necessarily look too good.


This is a type of recycled paper which undergoes compressing and the chips are held together with resin or glue. The chipboard is very versatile and can be molded in many different ways which allows them to be used in many different ways. This type of packaging is very affordable since it’s made of recycled material and also environmentally friendly. On the negative side of this type of packaging is that it is very light and can’t really protect your products from moisture, dust or other contamination.

Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches are mostly made of plastics or foil, although you can use other material to make them. Flexible pouches are relatively strong and as the name suggests, flexible.  They have very many various uses. They are mostly used as display packaging as you find them in supermarkets. They are mostly used to package nuts, granola or other snacks.  Depending on the material they are made of, they can also be used to package drinks. For manufactures, you can get Levapack premade pouch packing machine.  On the down side, these flexible pouches do not really have a rigid material so they can be quite limited what can be packaged in them.


This is just thick paper and can be used to pack small products.  It is mostly used for packing fast food and to make product display boxes. This type of packing is very flexible and can be manipulated in many different forms. Paperboard can be treated with chemicals and can be used to package electronics safely. Paperboard is made of recyclable material therefore its quite affordable. On the downside, paperboard is not rigid and because it is not tough, it cannot withstand dust, water damage or other contaminants.


Plastic is an outstanding packaging material. Plastic is a good packaging solution because it is very flexible and can molded in many different shapes, size and durability.  It can be molded into thin papers or into think boxes that can be used in export and for storage.  In terms of protection, plastics check all the boxes.  It is waterproof so it will protect it content from moisture damage and it’s also airtight. Plastic is very durable and can be reused making it quite inexpensive. Plastic can be made to different colors and can be printed on. We all know its negative side, it’s detrimental to the environment, and also not necessarily the best in appearance.


These are just a few forms of packaging that are available.  There are so many other options available to consider. When you are choosing a form of packaging you need to consider a few things like how heavy are your products, the shelf life of your products, if your products are fragile and also how the product will store in a storage facility or how they are displayed in a supermarket.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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