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5 Reasons to Introduce Sustainable Packaging in Your Business

5 Reasons to Introduce Sustainable Packaging in Your Business

Sustainable packaging used to have a lackluster reputation. Most people used to associate sustainable packaging with some kind of thin recycled cardboard that disintegrates the moment it comes into contact with water. With sustainability concerns on the rise, many packaging companies have provided great-looking, durable, sustainable packaging solutions that rival their less sustainable counterparts. Making the switch is the reasonable thing to do.

Consumers Are Environmentally Conscious

Perhaps the prime reason to introduce sustainable packaging is that consumers want to see it. People are increasingly concerned with the state of the environment and attempting to live less wastefully. By switching to sustainable packaging, you’re demonstrating that you understand their concerns and are willing to provide them with what they would prefer.

By changing the image of your brand to one that’s more environmentally conscious, you’ll find that your potential pool of customers will grow. More people will become interested because your philosophy will either be neutral or targeted to them – few people boycott businesses because they care about the environment.

It May Save You Money

Sustainable packaging typically takes less material to create, thereby making it cheaper. Waxes, lamination, dyes, treatments, and coatings aren’t often used in sustainable packaging. They’re easier for the manufacturer, so they’re less expensive for you. You’ll find that most types of packaging are at least comparable in price, if not significantly less. Since so many advancements have been made in the way of crafting sustainable packaging, you’re unlikely to be stuck with subpar quality packaging despite these savings. It’s good for both the environment and your bank account.

If the environmentally friendly packaging you’ve selected is highly specialized or made of a less common material, this might slightly raise your packaging costs. In the event that you can’t find a less expensive solution, you can always pass that cost down to the customer. It may not seem like an ideal situation, but most environmentally conscious customers won’t mind spending a little more to ease their consciences.

Waste Management Becomes Easier

Sustainable packaging throughout all parts of the supply chain means that you’ll have less waste to deal with. You won’t need to break down a ton of cardboard or throw away a lot of materials that can’t be reused. You might find that you’re managing more recycling than garbage, and that’s an excellent sign. It’s less to sort and less to have hauled away when your packaging is sleeker and less bulky.

Meet Your Green Goals

If your business is attempting to make green-friendly moves like saving water, using less electricity, or otherwise reducing your carbon footprint, sustainable packaging is one of the best places to start. Most of what comes in will be either recyclable or full-on biodegradable. Anything you swap from trash to sustainable becomes a part of the larger goal you’re trying to meet. It’s always a step in the right direction. Since packaging is abundant, making an eco-friendly switch to something you use so frequently will have a significant impact.

Reduce Fulfillment and Storage Costs

Sustainable packaging is often slimmer. It almost always weighs less. This is great news for several reasons. Large advantages come with the perk that slimmer packaging allows you to store more in a smaller space. Bulk is removed, shapes are more uniform, and shelf space is less of a concern. The same also applies to shipping and delivery. Less weight and the ability to fit more into a truck or a flat rate postage box means that it’s less expensive for you to send your product wherever it needs to go, whether it’s directly to a customer’s doorstep or a huge shipment to your storefront.

Sustainable packaging is more than just a philosophical choice. It caters to a lifestyle, but it also simplifies many other areas of your business. If you’ve ever been interested in making the switch to sustainable packaging, now is as good a time as any to do your preliminary research. Your fact-finding project will likely lead you to the conclusion that sustainable packaging is exactly what you need.

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by Amanda Singh // Amanda Singh is a project manager, working as a part of the team behind Sitecraft, an experienced materials handling equipment provider. Overseeing numerous projects and working with different teams has provided Amanda with experience, which she now shares with other team leaders and managers out there.

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