Packaging Design

How to Create Classy Business Packaging

For businesses that ship a lot of products by mail, packaging matters. It’s the first thing your customer sees upon a product’s arrival. A simple box isn’t enough. Branded, memorable unboxings are a part of the culture of eCommerce and business shipping. Marketing is built around presentation. Classy business packaging that stands out has to have something unique to it. … [Read more...]

The Importance of Packaging in Promoting Your Product

Modern consumers are increasingly time-pressed and as such they tend to make decisions quickly. This means that your packaging must send a clear message with which customers can instantly engage if your product is to have any real chance of commercial success. Here are some points to consider. Packaging Must Immediately Tell the Customer What a Product Is This may appear … [Read more...]

The Role Of Flexible Packaging In Food Packaging Industry

Packaging food has always been an important aspect of any food related business. But the advent and frequent use of flexible packaging materials has made the life easy for businesses in the food industry. If you go to any nearby supermarket to buy various food products, you will see a vast majority of food products in supermarket shelves are packaged with flexible packaging … [Read more...]