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Steps of Getting a Legal Entity Identifier

Steps of Getting a Legal Entity Identifier

The Legal Entity Identifier is a unique 20-character alphanumeric identifier defined by the International Organization for Standardization. Essential information about the parties in a financial transaction can be quickly referenced with the use of the LEI. It functions as a worldwide directory that provides much-needed transparency for all parties involved by detailing the ownership structure and the parties’ associated details. Contact us for queries like how to obtain a legal entity identifier.

What Is the Procedure for Obtaining an LEI?

The whole length of the LEI registration form, including the payment portal, is five pages. – Company Information Page: This page contains all of the company’s fundamental information. Holding Company Page (Direct Parent Information Page): This page contains information about the parent company. Ultimate Parent Page: If the company is a step-down subsidiary, the ultimate parent’s information must be provided in addition to the parent’s information. Payment Page: Once the form is completed, you must pay for it. Upload Page: This page is where all of the relevant papers are submitted.

Once the form has been completed, the payment page gives you the choice of making an immediate online payment or requesting a demand draught. If any of the online payment alternatives are chosen, then the “Save and Submit” option is chosen, and a reference number is generated once the payment is received by the lord, which becomes important in any future contact between the parties. Aside from the reference number, an email is issued with a list of papers that must be submitted to the authority. The reference number and email are generated instantly if the demand draught option is selected, followed by the “Save and Submit” option.

Document Submission

The applicant entity must upload all of the required papers listed in the email. The total size of the documents you upload should not exceed 40MB.

Verification Process

Once the papers have been submitted or physically sent, they will be verified along with the application form by the person in charge. The person in question may also request more documentation if necessary. The master may also ask the applicant entity to make adjustments to the application form online.

The LEI Code Has Been Issued

The LEI code will be issued after the form and supporting papers have been successfully submitted and verified. The entity will receive an email with the LEI code, which must be supplied to the banks.

The LEI Code’s Renewal

Once the LEI Code is input in the renewal form, all of the details show automatically. Any necessary adjustments will be made. The “LEI Renewal” checkbox must be marked correctly, after which the identical form completion, payment, and document submission process must be followed. The LEI Code is renewed and confirmation is received upon successful submission of all of the above.


There are numerous methods for identifying entities, but none are universal.

For legal entities across markets and governments, a worldwide identification system is in place. The goal is to make holdings more transparent, as well as the data that goes with them, more connected and accessible. As a result, any financial risk associated with interacting with such companies around the world is reduced.

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