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8 Marketing Tips to Attract Your Business to New Movers

8 Marketing Tips to Attract Your Business to New Movers

A “new mover” is someone who has just recently moved to an area. They’re looking to fill their home, experience the region in front of them, and have money to spend. Roughly 10% of the North American population moves every year. Most of those moves happen from May to September, with the majority of moves involving a new city. That’s a lot of new movers that businesses can capitalize on with the right marketing.  

 Millennials make up the majority of new movers, but they aren’t the only group. You have Gen Xers, baby boomers, and Gen Z all making moves as well. Each of these groups use the Internet differently. Meet your audience where they are most likely to be. Social media has all sorts of platforms. Understand where you are most likely to find your key audience and target your new mover marketing accordingly. 

 Here are some tips for marketing to new movers in your area. 

Identify Your Target New Mover

People move for all sorts of reasons. Families move, students attend university, while still others embark on new professional opportunities or adventures. Some people even move for love or for their families. Put together some undisputable analytical data that identifies who your ideal “new mover” is. The deeper you look into what your target audience wants, needs, and desires, the more in tune your marketing messaging will be. 

Video Is the Most Engaging Content Type

When you are marketing to new movers, trying to get their attention is tough. More than images and text, video is what more people are consuming. Video is what will generate the most likes, comments, and sharing. That’s why you should use videos within your marketing campaign. This can be a single video, or a collection of short videos of two minutes or less. 

Storytelling Gets You Remembered

Unless your coupon is truly amazing, no one remembers a coupon or a discount code. When marketing is able to tell a story and resonate with someone on an emotional level, that’s how you appeal to new movers. Storytelling humanizes your brand and builds loyalty.  

 The storytelling can be as easy as crafting a video about new parents moving into their first home. Other possible ideas may include a story about a senior downsizing, or a family finally with enough space to have the home they’ve always wanted. 

Be Positive in Your Tone

Sometimes, why we move isn’t for a very positive reason. Maybe a relationship ends. Or perhaps we had to get away from a bad situation. Whatever the case may be, these new movers do not want you to use imagery or adopt a negative tone. Try to stay positive. If you are telling stories, assume that as bad as the past may have been, the future will be that much brighter. 

Use Promos

Lots of businesses benefit from new mover marketing campaigns, like dentists, doctors, fitness centers, restaurants, and retailers. How you can beat out the competition is to tempt a new mover with a promo. A dentist can offer a “free cleaning”. A fitness center can offer 30-days free. Every business has something they can use to get new movers through the door. That’s half the battle won out of the gate. 

Offer for a Complementary Brand

There are some things that a new mover is going to look for within the first 30 days. Groceries, appliances, pet supplies, a dentist, a doctor, insurance, hair and beauty, and more. See if there’s a local business within this 30-day scenario that you can partner with and offer something complementary, almost like a double promo code.  

 Alternatively, see if a complementary brand might let you advertise with them, such as in a grocery store flyer, local flyer coupon books, etc. This is all to get you in front of new movers, in an effort to nab them before they’re with a competitor. 

Have a Long-Term Strategy

A new mover may opt-in on a promo, but how you get them to return a second time comes from what you do when they buy using that promo code. Think of something that you can use to bring them back in or to buy from you again. Even if all it is is gathering emails, you can build an email subscriber list. 

 At relevant occasions, send out marketing messaging with the latest offers. Email or a social media follow are both excellent ways to cultivate a lead over time. With a long-term strategy, you can get return visits and increase value-per-user. 

Respond to the Analytics

You may launch a marketing campaign for new movers and discover it’s not delivering the ROI you expected. This isn’t entirely uncommon. If you see this, don’t stay on the same path. In real-time, your campaign is generating data. Use it to pivot and maneuver to what’s working. Continually optimize your marketing so that you eventually get to the numbers you’re projecting. 

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.