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4 SEO Tips I Used to Help Grow My Plastic Surgery Practice

4 SEO Tips I Used to Help Grow My Plastic Surgery Practice

Plastic surgery is soaring in popularity, but as you know, there is plenty of competition. If you want your plastic surgery practice to experience significant growth, it’s essential to use search engine optimization (SEO) on your website.  

 SEO is essential because most people interested in plastic surgery own smartphones, and they can search the Internet for anything they want at any time – including medical professionals. That’s why your site must feature characteristics that draw visitors by explaining how your practice is better than the competition.  

 SEO ensures that major search engines list your site and put it as high in the rankings as possible. Search engine optimization also involves the creation of interesting and informative content that consumers find valuable.  

 This article discusses some of the most critical SEO strategies to get your plastic surgery website higher in search engine results.  

Use the Right Keywords 

Attracting plastic surgery clients to your website involves the correct use of keywords. Some believe that you can just put keywords on a webpage and leave it at that. But to get the best results, keyword use must be done in a specific way using SEO best practices.  

 An essential tool for generating the best keywords for your site is Google Keyword Planner. This helpful tool shows you the most popular keywords in your niche and that are often used by your competitors, and it will tell you which keywords attract the most attention from the public.  

 If your plastic surgery practice specializes in breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction, Google Keyword Planner will tell you the best keyword combinations for those procedures.  

 I recommend creating a list of keywords that you think will work well for your website. Then, compare them to the keywords that could have a more significant effect on your site and your competition.  

 It’s also important to include those keywords in the blog pages you write for your website, and yes, you should have a blog on your site updated weekly. If you have expertise in facelifts and eyelid surgery, write informative content about those procedures for your audience.  

 When you put the keywords in your articles, make sure you place them as naturally as possible and don’t overdo it. Otherwise, Google will penalize you for ‘keyword stuffing’, and it will hurt your ranking.  

Use Title Tags and Meta Descriptions 

SEO is also essential for your title tags and meta descriptions. The title tag and meta descriptions show up in the Google searches that prospective clients perform. These critical bits of content that appear under the name of your practice will cause people to go to your site or skip it.  

 It’s vital to make title tags and meta descriptions that encourage people to visit your site. Your title tag should have up to 65 characters and should feature essential keywords to your practice.  

 The meta description should not be more than 150 characters and should describe the content on the page.  

Create Interesting Content 

When you search the Internet today, it’s easy to find content on virtually any subject around the world. Google and other search engines give a higher ranking to web pages that publish the most informative content, so make sure you stand out from your competition.  

 To grow your practice, it’s essential to publish informative content regularly that gives prospects helpful information about your services. Providing them with valuable content builds trust, which will lead to more customers and a higher Google rank.  

 Some of the most exciting content you can create includes plastic surgery case studies, testimonials, before and after photos, videos, and blog posts. Creating this content will generate more visitors to your website, and search engines will reward you with a higher ranking.  

 It’s also helpful to create an FAQ or frequently asked questions page on your site and your Facebook and Instagram pages. Answer the most common questions people have about neck lifts, breast lifts, and more, and you will attract more site visitors.  

Use Expert Authors 

Google and other search engines try to make information that shows up on the first page of the results for your keywords as reliable as possible; they want to make sure that the information people receive is accurate and timely.  

 This is why Google pays strict attention to the end-user, which is the person searching for content. Accuracy of information is especially vital when we create health content on physician and surgeon websites.  

 It’s essential that the content on your site is written by skilled professionals in the medical field. You may not have time to write the content yourself, but you should verify that everything posted under your name is accurate.  

 It’s best to have plastic surgery content written by medical professionals, and you should include as much information as you can about their education, certifications, awards, etc. This shows your audience and the search engines that you offer the best content from authoritative sources.  

 When you use the SEO tips described above, you should find that your site attracts more visitors, and your Google rank improves. It may take a few months, but you will have measurable results in your practice’s bottom line if you keep at it.  

More about the Practice 

Dr. Aric Aghayan is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is pleased to serve the Portland, Oregon, area in his practice. He completed his medical education at the University of Missouri and a general and plastic surgery program at Oregon Health & Science University.  

 Dr. Aghayan also spent several years as a medical officer in the US Navy. These many years of experience and training allow him to blend art and science in his work for the most natural plastic surgery results.  

 To learn more about my practice, please visit Apres Plastic Surgery in Portland. 

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by Dr. Aric Aghayan // As a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience, Dr. Aghayan performs a wide range of plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments. For more information about his practice, please visit him online.

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