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Tips and Tricks for Increasing Security at Your Business

Tips and Tricks for Increasing Security at Your Business

Protecting what belongs to you personally is important. It is an even greater priority when you are a business owner. If you only had to worry about protecting your physical property, you would just hire a good security company to provide guards, alarms, and a monitoring system. Cyber security is another area that must be a priority. It’s much more difficult considering your intruders are invisible and can come at you from many different directions. Cyber criminals know how to hack their way into your website and network. Use these tips and tricks to increase cyber security for your company.

Do Some Housekeeping on Your Network

Make sure you eliminate unnecessary data from your accounts. If an employee moves on to a new position, that employee’s account should be removed from your system, including email address and any access the staff member had. Check through your files online to determine if any can be deleted. Take it a step further and empty the online trash as well. Your IT service provider can help you to clear out any unwanted information in a safe way that will keep intruders from invading your privacy.

Take Two Steps to Log in to Your Accounts

You’ve probably already run into two-factor authentication for your private accounts, such as for online banking, social media accounts, and the phone company. Many companies are requiring clients to set up two-factor authentication before they can have access to their accounts. You’ll begin by entering your login information in the same way you always have. Once you have entered your password, you’ll be prompted to type in a code that is only used once for a limited period of time. This code will be sent to your cell phone or an email address. You can ask your IT professionals to set up the same security measures on your network. Every time your employees sign on to their computers, whether they are working in the office or remotely, they will need to take an additional step to gain access to your accounts.

Have a Backup Plan

Talk to your IT team about backing up your data. Everything can be saved in an offline location that cannot be accessed by cyber criminals. It can also be stored in the cloud, providing you with an additional backup resource. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself from lost or stolen data.

Change Is Good When it Comes to Passwords

Everyone can get comfortable with using the same password. Some people use one password for multiple accounts which makes it much easier for hackers to gain access to personal data. Your IT company can prompt you and your employees to change passwords periodically. You’ll also be encouraged to make sure passwords are complex. It is best to find an IT company that offers MSP or MSSP services for your business. This will help increase your security. Software that is geared for managing passwords can help you to step up security when creating passwords for every member of your team. Software can generate unique passwords that have no connection to personal information. They can then be encrypted and stored for you and your staff.

Research New Developments in Software

Tap into the wealth of knowledge provided by your IT professionals when updating software. Older software can be tampered with more easily. Look for software that is innovative with advanced security measures already built in. Your IT team will schedule updates on your software and network that will occur automatically on a regular basis. Typically, these updates will be installed after hours when your network is not in use.

Keep Your Employees Informed

Human error is the leading cause of cyber attacks. Unsuspecting victims let the malware in because the source looks like it is safe. You can educate your staff members about cyber threats. Hold training sessions with your IT provider to teach your employees about suspicious links, emails, and communications. Sit in on the sessions as well. You do not want to be the weak link.


Strengthening your cyber security is going to take teamwork. You, your IT service provider, and your employees are all essential components in creating a safe network. Invest in good software and the best in IT to give yourself the assurance you need.

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