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Why Bare Metal Servers Might Be the Best Choice for Your Business

Why Bare Metal Servers Might Be the Best Choice for Your Business

Unlike virtual servers that can run multiple software applications on the same hardware, bare metal servers are used by single clients.

While a bare metal server can have multiple users within a business and can run as much work as needed, the server remains dedicated to the single user renting it. Here is a look at why bare metal servers might be the best choice for your business.

Bare Metal Servers Are High-performing

While bare metal servers like those from Maxihost are similar to dedicated servers in that they are single-tenant machines, with bare metal servers, you can configure the processor, memory, and storage. Virtual machines do not have the same ability. The key difference is that the users of bare metal servers control the hardware, not the providers.

A bare metal server has higher quality hardware, is much more flexible, and provides the opportunity of direct loading, which makes the bare metal server one of the highest performing servers on the market.

Bare metal servers provide high-spec processors, NVMe solid-state drives, and RAM that is simply not found on dedicated servers.

Bare Metal Servers Can Be Cost-effective

The high performance of bare metal servers allows your business operations to run more efficiently and effectively.

The servers can also enable you to have much more flexible billing options than with other servers because you only pay for the time that you use them. Many bare metal server providers offer pay-by-the-hour options.

Renting a bare metal server makes sense because you do not have to purchase a server outright, which can involve a large capital outlay.

Making any capital purchase can be risky, but even more so in the IT environment because technology changes quickly and can soon become outdated. By renting a bare metal server, you can save on a large capital purchase and operating costs.

Bare Metal Servers Provide Greater Security and Compliance

Due to the single-tenant environment of bare metal servers, they address security and compliance issues better than virtual machines. In addition to maintaining a high level of protection, bare metal servers provide you with improved application and data performance. On the other hand, most virtual environments and cloud options come with security risks.

Bare metal servers are better because all the resources are allocated to one single user. Also, if your business is bound to industry regulations, such as protecting sensitive customer data, you need to ensure you always stay up-to-date with the latest compliance. Because bare metal servers are easily configurable, it is simple to regulate workloads and ensure your operations are industry-compliant as well as secure.

Also, when you provide greater security and compliance, you gain greater satisfaction and loyalty from your customers or clients. In turn, that can make your business more profitable.

Final Thoughts

Bare metal servers can be configured to your precise needs. That includes things like processor and storage requirements. They also have huge memories and the option to make the server as powerful as you need it to be for your operations.

With one single user, you not only gain more flexible options. You also gain greater security and privacy. After all, there is no sharing of connection, storage, or bandwidth with a bare metal server.

While the servers are mostly used by businesses that hold high volumes of data, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using bare metal servers; especially those that require predictable and constant resources and a higher level of processing and performance than virtual machine options.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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