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8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Using a Digital Asset Management Tool

8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Using a Digital Asset Management Tool

Marketing a business is something that constantly evolves and often requires fresh material.  Given this is the case, those working within a business can soon find that they are dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of different company assets. Without central control and management of these files, images, photos, and videos, they can end up being spread across multiple different locations by people with no effective means to control their usage or distribution. This can, in turn, lead to individuals using outdated or unapproved imagery. So how can these issues be resolved? Simple, with a Digital Asset Management tool, and here’s eight reasons why your company should be using one.

Search Functionality

Eliminate the need to open dozens of different company images to see which is the one you were looking for by leveraging the power of metadata within a DAM tool. With this tool, you can conduct advanced searches and query data such as associated keywords, technical specifications, and usage rights.

Latest Versions

Using a DAM tool (see means users will only ever be accessing the latest and approved company material. Moreover, users can track updates and see the history of files, meaning they can see how an asset has been updated over time.


One of the biggest benefits of using a DAM system is that you have complete control over who accesses and updates the stored files. Set different user privileges, with the facility to revoke these as and when you need to.


All files are stored securely in one cloud-based repository. This gives businesses the peace of mind that their company assets are protected against any malicious or nefarious attempts to access their content.

Back Up

DAM software saves older versions of files, so if you need to access a previous version of something you can do so quickly and easily. This means no more hunting through the trash bin on your desktop trying to find a file you inadvertently deleted.

Plugins and Integrations

DAM software often comes with useful plugins and integrations which means you can seamlessly connect them to your existing applications such as Slack, Salesforce, and many others.


By using the analytics function which comes with Digital Asset Management software you can see real time performance of how your assets are being used. Find out which departments within a business are making the most downloads and which assets are proving the most popular. This can help influence creative decision making further down the line.

Reuse or Repurpose

Finally, another great benefit of using a DAM tool is that it makes teams and businesses more efficient when using existing company assets, as they can often be reused or repurposed, reducing the need to constantly start afresh each time.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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