8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Using a Digital Asset Management Tool

Marketing a business is something that constantly evolves and often requires fresh material.  Given this is the case, those working within a business can soon find that they are dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of different company assets. Without central control and management of these files, images, photos, and videos, they can end up being spread across multiple … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Business Costs with Analytical Software

Reducing business costs is not always easy, so a business needs to stay on top of their spending while assessing suppliers and mitigating spend risk or rogue spending. This is made extra difficult as many factors come into play each day making it unwieldy to address everything while retaining a solid customer base, saving money, and generating profits. Using Business Service … [Read more...]

4 Tools That Can Help You Scale Your Business Without Breaking a Sweat

Starting and growing a business comes with its fair share of challenges. From complying with increasingly stringent regulations to finding the best product-market fit, entrepreneurs have to keep in mind all the factors that influence their business’ chances of success. It is no wonder, therefore, that almost half of all new businesses crumble and fall within their first five … [Read more...]

Why Analytical Skills Are Necessary for Both Academics and Career

Having a great set of analytical skills is not something restricted to accountants or finance graduates, rather this type of talent is beneficial for people with all different educational and professional backgrounds. While taking various courses in life, we get a hold of multiple kinds of skills; one of those skills is analytical skills that are even more important for … [Read more...]

Leveraging Business Intelligence to Gain Competitive Advantages

Big data, analytics, and business intelligence are no longer buzzwords or fancy jargons used by industry gurus. They have become necessities that help to create distinct competitive advantages for companies. What is Business Intelligence? BI refers to a group of processes and technologies that compile raw data from various sources to convert it into meaningful insights in the … [Read more...]

How Tech Trends Change the Way We Build a Business

In the 1820s the first industrial revolution changed economies from simple agricultural-based to manufacturing. New machines with  steam powered engines opened up business in iron production and chemical manufacturing. Electricity was the main highlight of the second industrial revolution between 1870 and 1914. Together with petroleum and steel, they led to new products and … [Read more...]

How Hospitals Are Implementing Advanced Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare analytics is a subject that has been eagerly discussed for years. But now the anticipation around data-driven healthcare is becoming a reality. Organizations from across the healthcare spectrum are embracing and implementing analytics. And, in practice, the results are transformative. To get a sense of how broad and deep this impact runs, consider how some … [Read more...]