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Does Your London Business Need Cloud Storage or Online Back-Up?

Does Your London Business Need Cloud Storage or Online Back-Up?

It’s the digital age, so businesses must have somewhere online where they can safely store their most crucial information away from any in-house computer hard drives or servers. While both cloud storage and online back-up options are popular IT solutions in London, the two have some differences to set them apart.

If your business is in the process of determining which one might best serve your business, be sure to read on.

Cloud Storage: The Basics

With a cloud computing service, you can store practically anything and access it at any time and from anywhere — so long as you have an internet connection.

Businesses of larger sizes can find this option to be the best for their workforce, as it offers unlimited storage potential when it comes to storing data in the cloud. As a bonus, app support makes it incredibly easy to access cloud storage through solutions such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

For businesses with limited resources, most IT solutions providers in London can aid you in finding a free starter plan that enables you to utilize cloud space — albeit limited — to get you on the right track. However, as your business grows, you will most likely have to upgrade to a package with unlimited storage.

Is Cloud Storage Right for My Business?

For businesses that actively work with data and operate based on crucial user information, cloud storage is an attractive choice. From enabling enhanced collaboration capacities to making remote working possible, this essential tool is quickly becoming one of the most popular IT solutions in London thanks to its financial flexibility, useful scalability, and limitless capacity.

Online Back-Up: The Basics

With an online back-up service, your files will still be safe in another location, but the details differ compared to cloud storage. As you make files throughout your workday, the online back-up service will make copies of each and transfer them into an online server. Essentially, it works as disaster recovery resource; should something cause your computer/server to lose all of its data, you can simply retrieve all that was lost through the online back-up server. As expected, your information will remain safe behind comprehensive security and encryption measures.

As such, this tool is one of the more straightforward IT backup solutions businesses should consider. This is both a benefit and a downfall of the service. Because the back-up server is limited to a single computer, your files won’t be as widely accessible when compared to cloud storage. And, despite offering the same unlimited storage capabilities, an online back-up’s storage is only as good as the source server where the backup data is synchronized from.

Is Online Back-Up Right for My Business?

Despite some shortcomings, online back-up remains a popular option for IT solution providers to deliver as a service to their customers in comparison to local tape, backup to disk, or USB methods. It serves as an effective insurance plan for any unforeseen disasters and can be the difference between losing hundreds of files versus keeping them safe.

While its potential is somewhat limited, online back-up proves to be a simple and reliable resource for smaller storage requirements like finance information, recruitment files, and even personal use. If you don’t require a cloud storage service’s comprehensive accessibility and capabilities, then online back-up is a worthwhile and reliable substitute. Furthermore, an online backup solution provides a perfect disaster recovery solution to protect your data from a potential ransomware attack should some or all of your business data become compromised.

How to Choose Your Service

Regardless of where your business stands, contacting an IT solutions provider to help you assess your firm’s needs and requirements is the next best step. With a professional on your side, you can holistically examine your business’s objectives and IT capabilities to determine which of the above tools will help you to achieve your goals most efficiently.

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