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15 Best Business Listing Places To Grow Your Online Exposure Now

15 Best Business Listing Places To Grow Your Online Exposure Now

Gone are the days when the Yellow Pages was the sole business directory to find local business listings. With the need to gain widespread exposure on the Web, it is essential for a business to be listed online in order to be easily found. People now tend to search online first when looking for a product or service, so being listed on multiple trusted online business directories is a must, even if you already have an active website or a social media presence.

Not every business listing website will give you the right exposure. Here is a list of 15 places you should be listed to gain the maximum exposure online.

#1 – Google

Approximately 6 billion searches are conducted everyday on Google’s search engine. There is no doubt that Google can outperform any search engine when it comes to business listing.

Advantages of using Google for business –

  • Easy and free registration
  • Appearance of business listing on Google Maps, Google+ and Google Search
  • Reviews from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers

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#2 – Bing

This is the second most visited search engine after Google, with approximately 20% of searches being conducted here.

Advantages of using Bing for business –

  • Quick, easy and free registration
  • Addition of one time multiple business locations
  • Inclusion of other business contents like videos, photos, etc.

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#3 – Yahoo

After Google and Bing, Yahoo is the third most visited search engine platform online. Of the total number of searches conducted, Yahoo searches account for about 13%. Apart from its search functionality, Yahoo provides an updated supply of news headlines, sports, lifestyle, entertainment and other articles that makes it one of the top three search engines to drive more traffic.

Advantages of using Yahoo for business listing –

  • Free registration for basic local listing
  • Ability to include additional information like photos and company description
  • Access to more than 2,500 categories to describe your service that will help you to connect better with people who are searching for similar products and services

Create your Yahoo Local business listing

#4 – Yelp

Regarded as one of the best places to find local business information, Yelp provides members with free services and customer reviews. This is the best place to start if you are looking for word-of-mouth advertisement, since Yelp provides different fields a business organization can fill in to create a favorable impact in the customer’s mind.

Advantages of using Yelp for business listing –

  • Create deals with your Yelp account to gain loyal customers
  • Ability to send public and private messages to customers
  • Follow business trends using Yelp’s reporting tool

Claim Your Business in Yelp

#5 – Yellow Pages

This is the modern version of the phone directory. List your business online, using the Yellow Pages organized directory. You can also use Yellow Pages for advertisements, lead generation and online payments.

Advantages of using Yellow Pages for business listing –

  • Contains a well organized user interface
  • Provides detailed ad performance data
  • Access to millions of searches per day

Create your Yellow Pages business listing

#6 – White Pages

This is the digital version of the White Pages phone directory, where business information can easily be accessible to more than 200 users.

Advantages of using White Pages for business listing –

  • List your business among more than 30 million other businesses
  • Mobile marketing service to send premium text messages
  • Sponsored advertisement service

Create your White Pages business listing

#7 – Vintelli

Popularly known for its innovative online marketing tool, Vintelli helps businesses and individuals to gain a strong web presence. Vintelli helps businesses gain better rankings on different platforms like search engines, social media and business directories through advanced and cost effective methods that can help to improve business visibility, traffic and exposure online.

Advantages of using Vintelli for business –

  • Attract potential customers through targeted business listing
  • Increased business exposure with services like search engine placement
  • Improved search engine rankings with proper customer review management
  • Cost effective solutions for top notch business results

Create your Vintelli business listing

#8 – Facebook

There are more than 1 billion account holders on Facebook, who connect daily to their family, friends and things that matter to them the most. With Facebook you can not only build long lasting relationship with your existing customers, but find new prospects who would like to get in touch with you.

Advantages of using Facebook for business –

  • Drive online sales
  • Increase local sales
  • Raise brand awareness

Create your Facebook business listing

#9 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn has more than 200 million professional account holders, making it a must-be place for your business listing. With LinkedIn business service, you can take advantage of the best tools and support systems that enable small businesses and franchise owners to operate with zero commission, contract or risk.

Advantages of using LinkedIn for business –

  • Bigger space for business recommendations
  • Improved SEO standings with the help of accumulated reviews
  • Build rapport with other businesses

Create your Company Page in LinkedIn

#10 – Foursquare

A popular business directory with a social networking layer, Foursquare allows customers to leave a business related review. This ultimately helps other potential customers to find a way to contact you.

Advantages of using Foursquare for business –

  • Enables customers to post a business tweet with the Twitter handle
  • Business check-in Map enables customers leave behind a notification
  • Availability of special offers and rewards to thank customers for visiting them

Claim your Business in Foursquare

#11- MapQuest

A popular web mapping service, MapQuest helps businesses to find potential customers. There are more than 27 million businesses already listed here and one can use this to help customers gain access to the right service provider.

Advantages of using MapQuest for business –

  • Drives potential customers to the right service provider
  • Gain access to a central dashboard that enables proper management of business listing across various sites

Claim your MapQuest Listing

#12 –

A free business directory, this one comes powered by Searchers can gain access to detailed information about anything that happens across the city including deals, upcoming events and other popular business information.

Advantages of using for business –

  • Availability of additional advertisement service options
  • Availability of additional coupons to attract potential customers

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#13 – CitySquares

CitySquares is a ‘hyper-local’ business directory that is ideal for local and independent business listings. Founded in 2005, CitySquares can help your business gain wider exposure on the Web.

Advantages of using CitySquares for business –

  • Easy and quick access to neighborhood business service providers
  • Availability of fully customized advertisement campaigns
  • Simple price structures

Create your CitySquares business listing

#14 – MerchantCircle

This is an online directory that enables local and small business organizations to connect with local customers. Businesses can also take advantage of free marketing tools for better promotion.

Advantages of using MerchantCircle for business –

  • Geographical target of local audience
  • Advertisement service to boost up your business listing
  • Sharing of content on the business blog

Create your MerchantCircle business listing

#15 – MojoPages

MojoPages helps customers gain access to information related to business and entertainment, with the help of Mojo Score technology. Some of the business services that MojoPages can help to provide are – hotels, restaurants, dentists, plumbers, etc.

Advantages of using MojoPages for business –

  • Gain access to a customer’s social networks to help provide information on nearby business trends
  • Ability to incorporate reviews, likes and shares from different social media outlets
  • Provide users with the ability to use the ‘share’ option for recommending their favorites

Create your MojoPages business listing

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