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Fallbrook Locksmith Company Focuses on Local Market to Grow Business

Fallbrook Locksmith Company Focuses on Local Market to Grow Business

Is bigger always better in business? Not necessarily when it comes to specialty services like locksmith work. One locksmith company in Fallbrook, California, is intentionally keeping their service area small and focusing on their local community, in order to provide faster, better service to their customers.

Fallbrook Local Locksmith services the city of Fallbrook as well as the nearby cities of Bonsall and Rainbow. With their location in San Diego county, it would be tempting to expand their service area and try to tap into the county’s more than three million residents to grow their client base, but their commitment to their community and to providing fast, dependable locksmith service keeps them from doing so.

Much of their competition provides locksmith service to large portions of the county. Even though these regional competitors claim to service Fallbrook, they may not have a locksmith nearby when needed, since Fallbrook is located in the far north part of San Diego County.

In all of their marketing, Fallbrook Local Locksmith focuses on the fact that they are, indeed, local to Fallbrook. They make a point of saying that they are only minutes away from an emergency lockout situation, rather than hours. If you’ve ever waited impatiently for a locksmith to arrive when you are locked out of your home, office, or car, you know how important this is.

Not only is a locksmith company that works exclusively in a specific area able to respond more quickly, but they are also more readily available for calls to repair or replace products that are still under warranty. According to Kathleen Snow, co-owner of Fallbrook Local Locksmith, their customers appreciate the fact that they can hold the company accountable for their work, since they are also members of the community in which they work.

Customer Service is Key

When you own a small, local business, good customer service is vital. According to Kathleen Snow, “It is THE MOST important aspect to getting and keeping customers. At Fallbrook Local Locksmith, we make it a priority to answer the phone, return calls promptly, and ask clarifying questions so our potential customers know we care.”

Their company also makes it a priority to offer the best service possible when it comes to actual locksmith work. Kathleen says, “Our locksmiths know how to repair a lock, versus the competition, which often just replaces a lock.” Repairing a lock saves their customers money, and may also be the only way to maintain the architectural and aesthetic integrity of a structure, so that is what Fallbrook Local Locksmith does whenever possible. The company could make more money by replacing every lock, but they want to treat their customers, who are also their friends and neighbors, fairly, by not charging them for services they don’t need.

How Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

For small, service-based business owners looking to grow their businesses, they should keep in mind the benefits of remaining loyal to a specific area or community. More and more, people are drawn to local, small businesses and most would prefer to give their business to them rather than to a large regional or national company.

According to a 2015 survey by the Public Affairs Council, two-thirds of respondents said they prefer to do business with small businesses, even if it means paying more. They also have a more favorable view of small businesses, with 90 percent of respondents saying they view small businesses favorably, while only 61 percent view major corporations favorably.

Your small business can use these trends to your advantage by promoting your business as one that is dedicated to the local community. It’s not about thinking small—it’s about thinking local.

To find out more about Fallbrook Local Locksmith and the services they provide to the community of Fallbrook, California, visit their website at

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