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4 Technologies that Will Change Business in the Near Future

4 Technologies that Will Change Business in the Near Future

As technology continues to evolve, businesses are forced to overhaul the way they conduct themselves. While many entrepreneurs have benefitted from using new technologies in new ways, the future promises even more. Cloud computing, for example has eased delivery of services, reduced the cost of doing business, and increased profitability. Here are four other technologies that have the potential to change the way entrepreneurs do business in future.

Online Business Degrees

Why spend years commuting to a university when you can study your business degree online? Online MBA degrees are already possible, and the future of online education promises more advantages for those looking to increase their business knowledge. You will be able to study a full 4-year course from the comfort of your home or workplace. With advancement in Internet access and speeds, your lecturer will also not need to set foot in a classroom. Instead, he or she will hold a teleconferencing lecture where all students attend and participate remotely. While you acquire video tutorials from your lecturer, he will gauge your performance and supervise examinations online.

Amazon’s Drone Deliveries

That Amazon is the world’s leading online store is a fact. Led by CEO Jeff Bezos, the company now wants to use drones to deliver orders to your doorstep. Some people brushed off the idea when it was first proposed. However, Amazon has already conducted successful test deliveries, making the possibility seem much more realistic, and not that far off. The only challenge now is obtaining permits from the US Federal Aviation Administration. In the not-so-distant future, you could see a robot workforce carrying packages from your business warehouse to your customers’ doorsteps.

Smart TV

The efficiency of advertising and marketing is set to improve with the introduction of Smart TV. As a business, you can take advantage of this technology and will be able to tailor, package, target, and reach your clients more easily and effectively. Based on viewing, spending, and social media habits, SmartTVs can target advertisements toward specific consumers. Traditional TV manufacturers are already teaming up with social media networks to make this idea a reality.

Mobile Technologies

Many business analysts and marketing experts are convinced that mobile devices are the next big thing as far as marketing is concerned. In fact, Google has overhauled its search engine optimization algorithms to favor the mobile phone. Google believes that more and more people will access the Internet to buy services and products via their mobile phones. Therefore, only websites and online stores that are compliant with the new algorithms will benefit. As a business owner, you would be wise to have a business website that is mobile responsive, at least if you care about your business website’s Google rankings.

It has been said that technology is like a tidal wave. You can either ride with it or it will sweep you away. Choose to ride with it by getting ready now. If any of these technologies could benefit your small business, do your research now and get ahead of the curve, so when the technology is available, you can be among the first to take advantage of it.

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